Friday, May 9, 2008

See What I made....OOps I did it again....

Oooooops ! I did it again….

May 9th, 2008

Oopps I Did It Again…….
I cut the maxi…..
Yes I am guilty…..Maybe you don’t travel in the same circles I do…..I go round and round….and I find tons of maxi’s. I buy them for the great prints and I cut them up if they have damage or in this case…I have a yearning…..for a cute summer set like this~~


I had a set like this when I was kid in the late 50s. It had the most glorious cotton sateen print for the top, and a dreamy summer sky blue for the little capri pants. I started with this maxi lounger. Isn’t the fabric a beauty? It’s made of an acetate, so it’s easy to care for.
Choose a maxi that is several inches larger than your personal measurements especially at the hips. The curved crotch seam will take up another 10 inches or so. If you measure 38″ at the hips, choose a long dress that measures at least 48″ at the hips for the seams.

sewn a bit

more sewing
I have a pair of pants that are a little too big for me… I laid them along the fold on the skirt part and cuffed them to make a capri length, and I cut an inch outside the lines. I made sure the hem was lined up perfectly…..don’t be afraid to pin…..I tend to be somewhat fearless. Chop it off just above a button for proper proportions.

cute !

I used only a quarter inch for the seams. Since I used a pinking shears, I won’t have to worry about seam finishes and raveling. Then I sewed the back seam and inserted a zipper. Then the front seam, and I sewed on a line of elastic on the waist, then turned it under and hemmed. I also hemmed the top.
cute !
cute !

Well here she is! Acute pair of capris and a matching top.

cute !

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I'm Wearing My Dock Street T Shirt...

and TacomaMama........posts about the new menu......please don't ruin it.....
I was gonna wear my ONE and ONLY Exit 133 T shirt today.....but I haven't trashed it artistically yet.........Just saying....I'd show you a pic, but I'm'll have to see it yourself.....Dock st needs more good places to eat.....tho I am partial to Dock Street and grill.....the T Shirt and the bar........

So What Tacoma-made or Tacoma-centric clothing choices did you make today??? Mall purchases don't count.....But purchases from small businesses do...and anything you shoplifted will also count towards your final score........(bonus points for dancing to Darrell Data...and signing up for his email list)

Zeit Bike.....

is upon us....Coming sooon.....
Oh Joy....Will ....finally something happen in Prison Yard Plaza besides peeing in the bushes (that wasn't me...)
But Mark's entry for Zeit Bike.......was DENIED !!!!!!
I guess his design wasn't flashy is just subtle......
Trailblazer.........get it?

************* The Format & The Rules *************
The Zeit-Bike Contest is being organized in conjunction with other Bike to Work activities in Pierce County scheduled during the month of May. National Bike to Work Week is May 14-18, and will be observed in Pierce County.

Zeit-Bikes will be judged on May 9th and the top five contenders will be shown at the Tacoma Art Museum on Third Thursday, May 17. The best bike will be judged from this group and the top winner will receive a prize of $200. The second and third place winners will also walk away with prizes that have yet to be determined, but promise to be enviable.
The Rules:

1. You must start with an actual bicycle of some kind as the base form. You supply the bike.
2. Individuals or groups can re-form a bike.
3. The bicycle must still be mobile after it is transformed. (Not a vehicle you’d want to ride to Seattle, perhaps, but 4. something that could be pushed down the street to get it into the Tacoma Art Museum.)
4. Your Zeit-Bike must be ready for exhibition to the general public by Wednesday, May 9, 2007.