Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sundress and Sunglasses

Up here in the top of the world it is summer. Hot summer. Swimming. Sunshine. Skimpy clothes and squinty eyes. So for Summer 2015, allow us to present Sundresses and Sunglasses, vintage of course, and cool shorts and tshirt for fashionable summer wearing.
All the dresses are here unless they are sold.
All the sunglasses are here unless they are sold.
All the shorts and shirts are here unless they are sold!
Vintage Tshirts, so American.

this cute vintage 60s Pat Perkins gray and daisy print mod dress is here: 

This vintage 70s maxi dress with poppies and dots is here: 

Lots of vintage sunglasses, are always there for you to seeee at funkomavintage!

Tshirt and shorts is a classic combo, that was good for Dad, and good for you, too!