Monday, March 22, 2010

Here was my day, how's yours?

"This my face. This is my face after I spent a bitch-load of money."

Can you tell which is the old Mackenzie, and which is the death-defying "Mac"??

I choooooose....the one on the left with the red hair........

I was shocked ! shocked ! to learn via Sister Wolf, that the new Mackenzie Phillips-Phace is the one on the right...with the dark hair!

Did a search on how many sex offenders live around my 'hood....Lots!
most of them are Pederasts.
Lowest form of scum.

So if they live near me, they are also just as close to the $500,000. Condos !
All that money to buy a glorified apartment and I spend $0.00 on rent and drive a shitty car, and we have the same fucked up neighbors.

These are not them --->here below.... they just look like sex offenders.
No, this is the next project I shall be working on....after I list about 15 new/vintage skirts on etsy on Monday. Then spring coats and dresses.

Lucha Libre.For a custom dress I'm making this week.
Got a theme? I can make you a fun dress...and you can be wearing your hearts desire on your skirt!!
see me for more details on the detail.

geez, got my first neg on etsy.
File that under No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

But I'm still madly in love with my husband....and he with me.
So I got that....

And....Sister Wolf !!! left me a comment right here on my blog. I'm so excited because, quite frankly I was quite worried that only Patti Smith was gonna be my Role Model As I slide towards the Big Bright Light......

oh she's FAB. You know that. But. uh, it's really a bit lonely out here for women over 50 who reject the suburbs...and all that.
Heroes are hard to find.....
so Sister Wolf, being around my age, and a California girl !! to boot....we'll let's just say I have a big ol' mushy woemyn-crush via my computer.

Here's other women that are about my age..maaybe older.
There are 2 looks for women of the Middle Age....
Old Clown or Aging Debutante.

I want to be neither.
Hence, Patti Smith.
who is neither, and neither is Sister Wolf.

Old Clown:
Anna Piaggi and Vivian Westwood, both gorgeous. But.Not.For.Me. also Betsey Johnson...Love ya and your clothes!
but no Old Clown for me, thanks. I did that look in Junior and Hi School (I would wear anything...)

Here's the other look, the Mackenzie Phillips-Phace thing,Mac has done the Aging Debutante - but look, here's an amazing gal who has blended Aging Debutante with Old Clown....
Priscilla Presley modeling her variation of Old Clown/Aging Debutante:
I give you....Mama Joker.
and her chubby daughter...LisaMarie.

And then there is Bubble Chest Barbie,Pamela Anderson (she's not near 50 or middle age...she just looks like she was rode hard and put away wet) Much Little time...but my husband gets a rise outta PamPam.
Which is weird, because he is craaaazy over me, and I am deffo in the Patti Smith camp when it comes to aging au nature and gravity intend.....

So there you have it.
Here I am to list the trials and successes of being past 50.
It's pretty cool. This ain't France.
But it sure has its moments....
What to wear?
Well, I am always editing...ewwwww. Out the wardrobe.
So, that's the focus of my blog for the times to come.
That and bitching out the stupid assholes that are stupid assholes.
I think of it as "A Teaching Moment"...with bad words.