Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Recalls And Recall the Tacoma Film Fest...

Although my son always called him "Sour Andersen" since Soren seemed to like almost nothing that was an entertaining movie, we will, here at funkoma vintage, highlight this info about Tacoma Filmfest and Click. I loved the filmfest and I love Click! for my 99.99% flawless delivery of cable internet service that flows through Harbornet. DO not miss Ray Hill's Prison Show. It was the most important film of the fest. Period.

Tune in to film fest on Click
The Tacoma Film Festival ended last week, but it continues in an abbreviated form on Click! cable TV.

Eight films from the festival will be shown on Click! video-on-demand through the end of the year, according to spokeswoman Diane Lachel.

The films are “South 5 – True Grit,” “The Old Son,” “My Eating Team Has a Paddling Problem,” “Ray Hill’s Prison Show,” “River Ways,” “The Phone Call,” “Vitruvirus Toybox” and “Washington, My School.”

For information, call 253-502-8900 or

Soren Andersen, The News Tribune


I told you a long time ago to stop buying crap from China. Altho the Bush Admin is trying to strangle it, The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is trying to protect you from yourself. They are trying to save your spawn from death and stupidity.
First recall on my list today:
Starbucks Recalls Children's Plastic Cups Due to Choking and Laceration Hazards

Incidents/Injuries: Starbucks has received seven reports of the cups breaking, including two reports in which a child began to choke on a broken piece. No injuries have been reported.

Kids II Recalls Baby Einstein Color Blocks Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

Yes, Baby Einstein will make your child stupid if they lick the Color Blocks. Toss all Baby Einstein stuff in the garbage now to be sent to the Tacoma Dump. Now!