Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ha Ha Murray Morgan Bridge T shirt...

Memories..from the corners of my mind....

whilst spending quality time with my cute husband, he found this for me:

I'll be adding this to my collection and I found a Dock St Bar tank top....with the silkscreen quite askew......I guess I'll have to pad one side more than the other to get the pelican to stand up straight..altho...maybe that's how one looks after spending time at the Dock !
I know that's how I stand....

It's Sweater Weather !

These auctions end tonight...the sweaterdress is in my ebay store

Vintage 30s/40s Pitt - U of Pittsburgh College Sweater !

Darlene Print vintage 60s angora blend sweater

50s Vintage Beaded Boucle Knit dress !