Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to Hilltop Tacoma Safeway

The veggie/fruit section with the pharmacy looked like this:

And now it has gray faux planks giving it a darling and rustic farm stand look. This decor makes me wanna buy even more good healthy veggies and fruits.
I wish this area was near the front entrance door. But, it's by the locked door, meaning you have to traverse the whole store........past the junk food galore, past all the aisles with endcaps full of sale items or items that may not be the healthy choices, past the checkout stands through the lines of shoppers and carts to get there. (Or you have to traverse the back wall of dairy, meat, etc, etc.)

Here's the former meat/cheese/dairy wall along the back wall. See the concrete floors, the almond vinyl sheeting and the orange stripe?

Now, the orange stripe and the brown stripe is ......gone.......

This the front door entrance with temporary crazy-ness.Most of the floors are stripped to bare concrete.

It looked like this about 7 days ago. (may 1) It's taken near the front (south) entrance, looking north towards the veggie/fruit area and near the pharmacy, past the checkstands.I hope they keep the copy machine and update the courtesy's pretty tacky.

Now look!
This pic is taken from the veggie/fruit section looking south towards the main signs, new checkout islands....much cleaner and modern. Those big yellow sale signs are gone......and the orange gone!
I think it's kinda funny that the Express sign ...has a Train! Because a train in the modern world is Fast Speed!