Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shifted Into Neutral

Why am I in a cabin kind of mood? I need a vacation, that's why.
and that's why I made a cabin display in the shop......I want to sit in a cozy living room with a fireplace, I want to drink a boozy cinnamon hot tea, I want to have a stack of books sitting beside me.

I want to hear the chickadees sing, I want to hear a wooden rocker creak, and I want to bake some bran muffins......

I want to wear leather boots, I want to wrap myself in a warm wool blanket, I want to watch the evergreens sway in the breeze.

Well, tough luck on least for awhile...;-)

So, I found a Cynthia Steffe corset black.

and a leather briefcase banged up just the way I like it.

some crumpled vanilla wrapping paper, many copies of The Stranger Genius issue...
a very vintage Irish hotel laundry basket

my wood Nordstrom hanger, old wood yardsticks, leather brouges, fringe moccasins and a leather tote bag.

Some of these will be listed on etsy in the next few days.....
And some wool camp blankets, and an Indian print blanket. Some safari dresses and linen.
What got me going was this man-selection I'm sure.

These are up at etsy right now!
30s - 40s A-2 leather jacket...

Red and Black plaid Woolrich vintage jacket.

Red Wing leather vintage work boots.

Air Force N 2B vintage hooded jacket with real fur.