Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh Gentrification......Who's Turn To Watch It??

Portland in the Neeewwwssss....I love Portland, You know that.....but sometimes......progress is not so progressive. I think about this as I drive up McKinley to shop or to hit the PO....
All is not so well in P-Town.....gosh, white people are upset at white people. Welcome to my world !
This post from Things White People Love is soooo funnnnny
because Tacoma is trying so hard to be funkyurbanhipcool....and the gentrification must be done properly.
Here is a list of Comedy Topics.....

Things Mentioned

That whole Take Back Frost Park..while just hilarious!!
You wanna take back a public park from uh, the public?
I double-dog dare ya to show up at 11:49 PM....on Saturday night.....and start chalking. Bring the kids! It's fun !!