Monday, March 23, 2015

The 30s for real vintage style

What is new to funkomavintage? The 30s. Glamour, Depression, the 1930s held all the human drama and the clothes are evocative and always have the most interesting details.

wow, what a beauty is this French silk nightgown. Bias cut, hand-stitched, and appliqued with lots of ecru lace, and look at the bow at the hip, and the asymmetrical hemline. Amazing. Made in Paris France, in the very early 30s with just a hint of the 20s style in the hi-lo hem fashion.
Just listed in the website, clicky funkomavintage.

 Pretty panties, vintage 30s Shell Pink Silk tap Panty is a classic 1930s style lavished with lace along the hem and front of these pink silk tap shorts. They button on the side, and they have a 30" waist. Delightful! Available in funkomavintage's web shop. clicky here.

The woven label in Art Deco style lettering. Cool.

30s Shell Pink Silk tap Panty Vintage 1930s lace pink silk tap shorts buttons 30" waist - See more at:

Burgundy, navy blue, and lots of round windows. It was sleek, it was futuristic.
Moody colors, secondary color wheel combos like this tile facade update done in the 30s, here at Fagiani's Bar in Napa. The owners fought with the City of Napa to retain this historical scheme, even though it was a much newer addition to this 1890's building. I'm glad they won, and kept it. It's a relic from my childhood, so I like it. My parents were very good friends with the Fagiani family, and of course, my mom owned a bar, so there was a lot in common here ; - )

Cowboy clothes captured the imagination of folks in the 30s. Images of the beauty of the western United States with deserts, wide open spaces and natural landscapes, and of course, cowboys and Indians, whether true or not, were sold and folks loved it.
Any city slicker can dress like a Westerner and get happy!
Here's a beauty of a 30s rayon cowboy shirt with amazing embroidery, and pearly snaps. Available at the website, clicky here.

For a classic 30s look, a long black rayon lace party dress. This is a cool one to accessorize with lots of jewelry, update with a wide belt and wear it with a short fur jacket, faux or vintage.

It has many elements of 30s style such as a cape collar, a peplum at the waist and a bias cut full dramatic skirt. When you see a wide fluttering collar or a peplum on a modern dress, blouse or suit, it is recalling the 30s drama in fashion.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Let's Plant Some Heirloom Tomato Seeds for our Garden

Last June I was out garage sailing, and I noticed that a daisy flowered plant was cascading down a hillside with pretty purple flowers and a few ripe seedpods, so.... I think.... hey, seeds! So I took a seedpod, dry and ready to plant, and thought... mmmmm, I wonder if these will germinate? And I wonder what they are. Well, friends, I did plant those seeds, and by August they were a few inches high. Pretty little green leaves and I wondered, what is it? So late in September I got a few blossoms. Oh My! They were big lilac and purple daisies, as you can see in the pic here.
Turns out these are Osteospermum fruticosum,  or commonly, Trailing African Daisy. You can look that up. So, my advice, as a gardener from a long long line of gardeners, plant those seeds and see what comes up.

I am now gardening in big containers and little ones too. But I don't like using gross recycled pots and buckets to grow food in so a good cheap alternative is to find food safe plastic labeled #5.
A neat way to get a big big pot to grow big big plants is buy a Sterlite plastic bin with the recycle number 5. It is about 5 bucks, or less, and I found them at Target and at Home Depot, and um, the thrift store. This type of polypropylene plastic is Food Grade and deemed safe, so I use them to grow organic plants for eating, fruits and vegetable. You can also find Food Grade 5 gallon buckets, with a number 5 too.
While I'm all for recycling any container to grow ornamentals, I would not plant something I was gonna eat in an old computer case, an old oil can or a something odd and nasty, but cute! Click here for more info on plastics that are food safe and can be recycled.

When I grew heirlooms for sale, I always had Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripey and Brandywine and of course, Cherokee Purple and a few others. But now I'm trying some (new to me) varieties.  Here are the Organic Heirloom tomatoes I'm growing this year.    These are from Tomatofest Seeds, organic seeds from a Northern California company.

Hazel Mae, because it is a large fluted yellow and red tomato, I mean, right! And that name.
One that I'm trying this year I've always wanted to try, is Silvery fir tree. It will have lacy ferny leaves and lovely red tomatoes. Sounds lovely and I can't wait to see this beauty.

Black Prince for the short season and the dark dark red/black color. This one has extra tomato-chemical, lycopene, and should be delicious like all the Russian tomatoes.

My all time favorite tomato is Cherokee Purple. Deep, red-purple, and with a smoky taste and just enough sweet/tart. I'm growing Cherokee Chocolate this year and it's a plant that is a baby of Cherokee Purple, so I expect it to be quite delicious.

2 other ones I'm trying for the first time this year are Indigo Rose, that is a favorite of the new crop of "celebrity chefs" and people who wish they were. There is a whole family of these dark almost black tomatoes that are about salad size up to small beefsteak size. 

When I was growing up a fella named Oscar lived at my parent's hotel, the Rex Hotel in Yountville. Oscar grew the most fantastic gardens behind his cabin and he tended the flower beds around the Hotel. It was a pale yellow, almost white tomato, larger than salad size. He saved the seeds from year to year and I've always wondered what its name was. Maybe it's this heirloom (new to me), Burpee's Garden Peach tomato. "Velvety skin, rich flavor, and 3" - 4" size". Sounds right ...We'll see.

I am so excited to get growing!  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

White lace and Promises

Looks like white lace, feels like white lace, it's a pattern of white, cream and ivory and soft gray on a background of charcoal, dusky black, deep coffee brown, sandy tan and patina brassy details.
Its the pattern, it's the texture, and it is inviting and mysterious.

Soft black with white texture woven accents, this is  the caftan, a hippie boho classic. Vintage 60s  kaftan tunic top, is for men and women, and has flared long sleeves.

Distressed painted metal box,  stenciled and painted again and again in white and shades of green. The black faded and chipped stencil lends the coolest industrial thing. 

 Vintage Wedding, Bohemian 70s vintage lace dress has long sleeves and yards of gorgeous lace ruffles.

Simple and sturdy, this bent plywood chair is based on Arne Jacobsen's famous series 7 model. In 1955 he designed  his famous chair, and this is an industrial version of Danish Modern style. With its slim iron legs and sculptural curves, this vintage chair is a pleasure to sit in, and a pleasure to look at.

Spooky baby skirt, a charmer in a babydoll print with a ivory muslin elastic waist, made of  vintage photos of decrepit vintage dolls in dusty gold frames, in shades of ochre, pasty donut, spider web dust and broken cloud white.

and of course White rabbits lace thru the meadows of my mind. 3 sweet bunny rabbit brass and glass necklaces. Hop to it!!