Saturday, March 24, 2012

for all my salt, I am a hopeless romantic, and I hopelessly hope people will stop being dumb. I adore this artist in full bloom......the dreamy Bouguereau. Long long hair....I flirted with short bobs from time to time, but I always default to Mormon sister-wife long hair.

 another Bouguereau, Childhood Idyll, with a braided do, first with the top half of hair pulled back in a barrette or tie, and then the bottom half of hair.....braided. so pretty !

Braids...braids...and braids are in style ! so by default I might actually be in style (because I care!).
Here I am impersonating....Hunter Thompson

Here's how to style, an learn to do zillions kinds of braids.

The Hunger Games
 pic from.... Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the movie.....
 Linda D. Flowers is listed as Hair Designer, so she designed all the 'dos
....guess I gotta go see the movie and brave the teens.....Love the huntering...remind me to tell you about my brother the falconer, and the fact that I can only stand solitary sports, like Archery ...which I was quite good at in High School.....

Katniss in The Hunger Games....has the most sweet braided do's I've seen in moviedom for some time...well, since the last Historical chick-flick I saw....The Addams Family !!

the last time we got this excited over braids was the ones Wednesday Addams sported in all the incarnations of The Addams Family.

 summer camp, Addams Family Values

Alicia Keys

Native American braids  here  and here

a simple braid pulled to the back, and a small loose braid falling down the left pretty.
and this one....2 tiny braids on the front sides.....since my hair has been parted in the middle all my life, I often braid like this, especially if I really wanna keep my hair out of my eyes without a barrette.
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