Monday, January 23, 2012

Vegan Skip It Hoppin' John

Feeling nostalgic, I wanted to make something with my bag of black eyed peas. You don't grow up with Oklahoma Okies and Indians and an Idaho country girl without eating your share of Hoppin' John and lots of greens.
I don't do bacon, nor do I do meat....and all the substitutions didn't harm the stunningly delicious flavor....Yes, that's a White Russian......with dinner. A gal has got to keep up her spirits !

*****Vegan Hoppin' John*****
1 T Olive or canola oil
1C chopped onion
1/2 C chopped celery (I had to sub with chopped bok choy and cabbage)
1/2 C chopped bell pepper (I used 3 colors)
1 T minced garlic (I love my garlic mincer)
1 lb of Black Eye Peas
1 Qt stock or buillon (I used 2 vegie soup cubes and some left over kale water)
1/2 t each salt and pepper
1/2 t poultry seasoning
1/2 t liquid smoke
1/4 C maple syrup....(these last 2 ingredients were swapped out for the same measures of Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar) (be creative)

Cook the black eye peas in enough water to cover for about a half hour, in a big pot, and set aside.
Saute the onions, celery or vegetable subs, garlic and pepper in the oil, until soft and gently browned.
Add that to your big pot of cooked peas, the qt. of stock, s & p, seasonings (or the subs) and the syrup (brn sugar)
Bring to a boil, hold it there for a minute, and then simmer for about 45 mins until most of the stock has been absorbed.
Serve with hot (brown) rice and your favorite vegetables.........kale, hot potatoes, cabbage...whatev!

...the nasty snowy weather drove me batty....the only good thing about cold weather is cute sweaters!  When 7 layers of clothes didn't keep me warm enough...I turned on the stove...and baked dozens of cookies, and ate them, and then shoveled a lot of snow to work off all that cookie-fat.
I made a lot of yummy food. I stocked up the day before the snowstorm with lots of coffee, booze, baking supplies, dried beans and fresh vegetables....

right now it's sunny and warm at 50 degrees and the snow is melting....
these pics are from when it was 27 degrees and too damn much snow !! my bamboo was iced over...but he recovered when it melted..