Friday, April 24, 2009

What's a micro-tiny Business to Do?

I want internetz at my shop on Broadway. Click/Rainier Connect will do it for 1500 dollars "for construction". wth. This is not the Wired City. I've been with click for nearly 10 years. One of the first click customers. wth.
Clearwire is affordable, but reception downtown? dunno how reliable. Blackjack smartphone....mmm....doable, but how reliable? dunno

Qwest will run a dsl line for affordable $$. Might do that.

iPhone ...must jailbreak to tether to laptop.......mmm...ok. But what if I am the unlucky one who bricks it??? they way things are going....;-(

To go to fancy coffee/internetz, I will need to buy a new battery for Vaio....OK.
Will do that till iPhone has legit tethering, probably.

Maybe Derek has a cheepo plan for me ...I'm probably just too cheap for that !!
Lots of ins ...lotsa outs, Jackie. Lotta strands to keep in ol' Duder's head.

Bottom line:
Tiny businessessss in Tacoma are essentially told to fo if they want click.
That $$-demand drives tiny business to some other place besides click.
I have been a very loyal customer and sang the praises of click for almost 10 years. Not anymore.
Do you hear that Jake Fey?

Marty Campbell?

Oh sure, bend over for Russell. Bend over for LeMay. Rip up my street so condo buyers will have a pretty sidewalk/dog poop mini-park. Point is MOOT, since I'm out of business anyway.
In Tacoma anyway. Thanks Broadway LID. I enjoyed being a Placeholder for You et tu Gentrification???
This town hates tiny business.
I'm closing the shop and going back to internet only. When I can find some.