Friday, January 11, 2008

RIP Vampira

Just a girl......
and a fashion icon for the dark little ones.
Clicky here for her life story....and now sad to say, she has passed away.

Tacoma is cute but it ain't no big

Hard to believe, I know, but I have been to the Big Shitty (as Dina Martina would say)
So few quality people in the world. And art oh art. I'd sure like to take a big slug o' you right now. Christ maybe I should close up and go on down to Alfred's and check out the overpass, 'eh?
well, here is Murphy.... I miss him more than just words. He has a lot of friends. But watching him grow up....well, I knew he was special boy.......not ShortBus special but he has all the stuff one wants in a pal who understands wtf is real. And he is not afraid of living it, and saying it.
He loves Tyra Banks. (well, who doesn't?) So aren't we proud of him? Did anyone doubt that he could not stay here in T-Town. I knew he had to go. Just as Mark and I will leave in few more years.
No, we are not surprised to see him picked from a crowd on the Mere Power of His Specialness.