Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Under where? Underwear. Panties. Knickers, Nicky

the history of Vanity Fair.... with research from the pretty Ang of ehappyvintage.com
well if you have never felt the ultra sexiness of vintage nylon....girlfriend or boyfriend !
You must try some before your mortal coil unwinds.
There is nothing silkier, they are silkier than silk...

No worries OK. I'll be listed mountains of vintage lingerie in the next few months...I think the warm weather is the perfect time for some sexy undies....

This lovely thing is a 50s Vintage Vanity Fair nightgown.. it has the white satin label woven with light blue thread.It is just as silky as the panties since it's made from the same nylon tricot. Later, in the 70s, came the Dupont Antron III nylon....not quite as soft...

this is a dream!!
ha ha.

Monday, March 29, 2010

the Old Red White and Blue is a Fashion Do!

Cute Classic plaid pleated jumper dress....or as they say in the UK...a pinny!

While the days of Matchy-Matchy are over (yeah) creating an ensemble that looks good together and is functional...let me type that again......
is not really a challenge if you give your wardrobe some thought about 3 main points......
Which are~~~~
1. What colors look good on you?
2. What shapes work for your body type?
3. What are the clothes for the day supposed to do?
I'll answer those questions as I move thru this very colorful post!

The answers are quite different if you are um, past 50. I think, in your 40s you can still get away with much of what you wore in your 30s...as long as you give up dressing like a teenager...don't get your styling tips from Seventeen or Teen Vogue....

(Erin Wasson is a classic Bad Example of what you don't want to resemble)
Do not use these folks as an example as you dress yourself unless you want to look like a Lunatic, in a non-creative way.
There's crazy, and having a ball ya'll...and then there is Out On A Day Pass and Dressed From The Dumpster........
avoid the latter.

I think this pic of young bloggers who live in their own mirrored paradise is from The Coveted.



Past 50, if you don't want to look like Old Clown or Aging Debutante, it does take some practice...but La Vida Loca after the children move away, when you can turn their old bedroom into a dressing room of your dreams....
Well, don't let anyone tell you, that middle age is boring.....because it is a fresh start to become the classy interesting person that was hiding underneath the weight of kid's sports, kid's dance class, kid's doctor appointments...blah blah blah....
I love a great little blazer to add the final bit of polish...to an outfit...It provides a pop of color...or creates a narrow silhouette and tricks the eye to sculpt the body in a taller thinner line....
In the next day or 2, I'll list some cute little cropped jackets and pair them with darling dresses...perfect for the early Spring days...

Listed right now, a petite blazer with a wonderful gold bullion crest and goldtone buttons....
This type of jacket makes everyone look really swell, and put together.
It must fit you well and not bind, it shouldn't be too long or too short for your body...and get a quality fabric...damn the label...buy the best you can afford...oh, and mix it up with something pretty along the way, so you don't look like you joined the military..........nothing wrong with the military, but unless you are on active duty, don't dress like them.....Just don't.

1. What colors look good on you?
Navy looks good on almost everyone...and it's snappy.
2. What shapes work for your body type?
Get one that fits you. An oversize blazer looks sloppy on everyone now except gals under the age of 25. Why? Just believe it!
3. What are your clothes for the day supposed to do?
Keep you warm,(or cool), make you look smart and function well. So think about fabric for the time of the season...wear what suits your body, and don't be a slave to fashion magazines (that just makes you look brain-dead), and function? Whatcha got against pockets?? And get a smart bag just big enough, that is not made of plastic and has a grocery store logo on it.

A fab little 70s floral applique clutch can really really add PUNCH to a so-so basic, or a staid ensemble.
One of the things I love about this one, is it is a near-perfect match to the 70s silk dress coming up next....same era, same inspiration...similar prints but not boringly Matchy-Matchy....

This is a 70s vintage Nordstrom dress in silk. An easy tuxedo bib fit, so eat all the dessert you want....or it looks cute cinched with a belt if you wanna........and tie the secretary bow...or not....Me, I'd not tie it, and add a long necklace with one or 2 chunky charms.
See how close this print is to the bag up there?? hmmm?

Cute accessories can bring a smile on a gray rainy day....makes the pain of pulling out bill money and little less ouchy.

A red Coat. nuff said. Never boring. Great style for dressing up and down. Wear with slacks or jeans or a dress and boots or a cocktail dress and open-toe sandals.
Looks cute always....

A very cute dress...in red and black. Lightweight poly woven fabric is flowing and easy to care for. Very flippy! Makes you wanna skip in sandals to the ice cream shop!

Chevron stripes in reds and blues with a splash of yellow....wow!

a classic little plaid skirt.......32" waist. Perfect with a cropped jacket or a soft cardigan and ballet flats....so FLOTUS....

Didn't forget the fellas....A classic Levis jacket. No pockets on this one. So, when you choose pants with pockets to carry your stuff, do us all a favor and DO NOT wear denim jeans (maybe black denim is OK) with your denim jacket...
Because, you will Look Like....
Dennis Weaver in McCloud. Dennis was a super swell guy, but PLEASE don't repeat the urban 70s Cowboy look, unless you are going to a Cowboy Costume Party.Original Vintage 70s Levis Indigo jacket....everyone copies this one...from Ralph Lauren to Ann Taylor to Wal-Mart, to DisneyCorp's Hannah Montana and Lizzie McQuire, and Health-Tex for the infants (cute!) (I just saw some young bearded rock star type guy wearing one...a knock off...gee fella this one is better and tres cool !)

A blue suit. Wow. What a great look. Not boring. Nice fine tailoring. And...sharkskin! Fab with a crisp white shirt and a black tie, eh?
Or, all pale blue shirt and satin tie, or a small calico print.

Repeat after me...."You never go wrong with Italian Leather Shoes"...

Fresh Spring White vintage....

to lively up your self. my etsy shop, funkomavintage.

Fog tweed 50s vintage jacket

Lace and Leather 50s Babydoll pumps

vintage silver Glitter sweater

Cornflowers meadow skirt

White vintage corset

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a bit strange...but oh well!

so today is the last day of the physical shop known as funkoma vintage.......
all things are 20%.... at least. Saturday March 27, at 11 am.

It was an interesting 2 years here on Broadway.......a familiar old building .....a wonderful view....coffee...cocktails...karaoke...pizza......No fucking street for 6 months....Flooded building....electrical explosion.....the Depression/Crash of 2009 - 20??....and the best customers ever....not everyone "got" funkoma style....a willingness to not dress just like everyone else...to be unafraid to get Vintage With it.........

But until I reopen...
I'll be busy doing what I truly love to do..
Make stuff!! Here's a list of what shall come from my hand...
skirts, t-shirt and sweater dresses,
reproduction dresses of vintage fabric,
swimsuits made from vintage fabric with vintage designs,
coats and jackets, mitts, spats, more steampunk,
purses and tote bags, leggings,
more jewelry,
more cashmere bloomers.......more bloomers....more Tressie designs including dolls and hats and whatev' crosses my mind.

Here's a few more pictures......the parties !!!
the FREE all ages shows...
food, fun, Fewster and Heidi....Folksingers In Hell ....Tacomen....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some pretty new things can brighten a day...

Here's what's new in funkoma world.....I decided the shop needed some skirts, and there will be more coming soon.... Here's a cream pure cashmere skirt...50s or 60s...Ballantyne from Berks in London. s - m.

a sweet 60s plaid skirt of a cotton blend. the waist is 38".

Hippie chick! she made herself a skirt from indigo-dyed zipper fly big bell bottom 646 Levis jeans. Cute hummingbird in the faux-patchwork godet.

an adorable favorite with the prettiest flowers in a shiny chintz. s- m.

I really love this Starry Starry Night skirt...made from a 70s dress. It will fit a range of waist sizes from about 32" - 42".

A fantastic tiki tropical metallic print in a Circle Skirt ! yes, and it's quilted. s -m.

OK, this is a suit.one of a few I have in the etsy shop right now. This is a lightweight black and white houndstooth check. Superb quality, and the skirt can be made about an inch or two larger in the waist and hip. With quality, it is worth the extra money for professional alterations.

And a gal doesn't live by skirts alone...so here's a few of the freshest dresses to appear in funkoma-land........

Fun fun 70s Japanese face ! oversized tshirt dress has snappy sleeves! m - l or xl.

Beautiful daisies all over this vintage Lanz sundress. s - m.

A charmer! Black eyelet 50s-60s shirtwaist with metal buttons. m - l.

I've added much more in the last few days........
I need to make another post and you know I will!!
Or just pop on over to my etsy shop.......the link is wayyyyy up top ...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Here was my day, how's yours?

"This my face. This is my face after I spent a bitch-load of money."

Can you tell which is the old Mackenzie, and which is the death-defying "Mac"??

I choooooose....the one on the left with the red hair........

I was shocked ! shocked ! to learn via Sister Wolf, that the new Mackenzie Phillips-Phace is the one on the right...with the dark hair!

Did a search on how many sex offenders live around my 'hood....Lots!
most of them are Pederasts.
Lowest form of scum.

So if they live near me, they are also just as close to the $500,000. Condos !
All that money to buy a glorified apartment and I spend $0.00 on rent and drive a shitty car, and we have the same fucked up neighbors.

These are not them --->here below.... they just look like sex offenders.
No, this is the next project I shall be working on....after I list about 15 new/vintage skirts on etsy on Monday. Then spring coats and dresses.

Lucha Libre.For a custom dress I'm making this week.
Got a theme? I can make you a fun dress...and you can be wearing your hearts desire on your skirt!!
see me for more details on the detail.

geez, got my first neg on etsy.
File that under No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

But I'm still madly in love with my husband....and he with me.
So I got that....

And....Sister Wolf !!! left me a comment right here on my blog. I'm so excited because, quite frankly I was quite worried that only Patti Smith was gonna be my Role Model As I slide towards the Big Bright Light......

oh she's FAB. You know that. But. uh, it's really a bit lonely out here for women over 50 who reject the suburbs...and all that.
Heroes are hard to find.....
so Sister Wolf, being around my age, and a California girl !! to boot....we'll let's just say I have a big ol' mushy woemyn-crush via my computer.

Here's other women that are about my age..maaybe older.
There are 2 looks for women of the Middle Age....
Old Clown or Aging Debutante.

I want to be neither.
Hence, Patti Smith.
who is neither, and neither is Sister Wolf.

Old Clown:
Anna Piaggi and Vivian Westwood, both gorgeous. But.Not.For.Me. also Betsey Johnson...Love ya and your clothes!
but no Old Clown for me, thanks. I did that look in Junior and Hi School (I would wear anything...)

Here's the other look, the Mackenzie Phillips-Phace thing,Mac has done the Aging Debutante - but look, here's an amazing gal who has blended Aging Debutante with Old Clown....
Priscilla Presley modeling her variation of Old Clown/Aging Debutante:
I give you....Mama Joker.
and her chubby daughter...LisaMarie.

And then there is Bubble Chest Barbie,Pamela Anderson (she's not near 50 or middle age...she just looks like she was rode hard and put away wet)
....so Much Plastic...so Little time...but my husband gets a rise outta PamPam.
Which is weird, because he is craaaazy over me, and I am deffo in the Patti Smith camp when it comes to aging au naturel.....as nature and gravity intend.....

So there you have it.
Here I am to list the trials and successes of being past 50.
It's pretty cool. This ain't France.
But it sure has its moments....
What to wear?
Well, I am always editing...ewwwww. Out the wardrobe.
So, that's the focus of my blog for the times to come.
That and bitching out the stupid assholes that are stupid assholes.
I think of it as "A Teaching Moment"...with bad words.