Saturday, January 10, 2009

so, see what happens when you google yourself...

in many other countries artists are treated as if they are valuable, as if what they do is as important as a plumber, for instance.

a certain plumber now has a job as a TV reporter, tho he has no good grasp of language, or politics. What a Country!!!!

Perhaps artists will get a bailout like FDR did in the 30s.......when Obama takes the crown and walks down the aisle.

so, here is a little film titled FUNKOMA.
not by me, but by some folks in Istanbul....
nice silliness. cute 80s dresses.
Hey, maybe they should enter this in the next Tacoma Film Festival, in the New Category titled:

Inadvertently Tacoma-Centric Titles, But Not Necessarily Jive Subject Matter.

clicky here.....