Monday, May 17, 2010

I love a little sugar in my bowl.....

Mary J. Blige...and Nina Simone...

Nina Simone!!
Nina Simone!!

With financing in place, says the news......Miss Blige will portray Nina in a new movie to begin shooting very soon. I am quite happy about that.
and please Lord, protect this production so it doesn't become...Mahogany....or ...even worse....Lady Sings the Blues.

I like Mary J.
And I adore..
Nina Simone. Oh Yes.
(suck it Beyonce.)

But is Mary J. Blige the right choice? I'm not convinced.
Here's a great post on the subject....from IBWFF. Who ..What is IBWFF?
From the website:"The International Black Women’s Film Festival was established in 2002 by Adrienne Anderson, a San Francisco Bay Area-resident and San Francisco-native."

Who is Cindy Mort, the director/screenwriter? Here. Naughty!

Miss Simone.