Monday, April 19, 2010

On sultry alyssum and stock intoxicate

the passersby of my tiny messy garden.
I see them walking, and they turn their head towards the wafting sweet scent...
Are they thinking "Did I just smell something sweet?"

floral and Persian rug patch print 60s vintage dress in a size L+

Summer florals on a darling vintage romper sunsuit

Maybe they notice a tiny messy garden on their mission to get from one place to another.
I hope so.
I hope it sticks in the back of their mind as they go about their day.
Maybe it's a spark of a reason to be a bit more grateful, to straighten their back, to make a good choice and live well.

Luscious full blossom vintage romper jumpsuit in a large size

Ferns on a silk Vera vintage scarf

I've just put some nasturtium seeds in a can with water to soak overnight. And tomorrow I'll pull the weeds, and poke small holes and put the very plump seeds in my secret garden.
In a month and a half from now, there will trailing pepper-tasting leaves and sweet orange and gold and yellow nasturtium flowers for the passersby.

Full blossom roses on a full skirt vintage sundress

Square bodice, puckers and a full skirt vintage sundress

Precious pen and ink floral on a summer sky blue vintage dress

White posies on black vintage dress