Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boots and Flakey Sellers

I buy a lot of boots. I like boots. I am very particular about the insides of my boots...and you should be too. This can also happen with shoes, but it is pretty prevalent with boots, tho.
I ask sellers, when buying on line, if the lining is :
a/ Sticky.
b/ Flakey.
c/ Dusty.
If any of these things are going on, TOSS THE BOOTS IN THE GARBAGE.
Yes, Online boot sellers on etsy and ebay and in general in the big interwebs.
If a sellers knows their boots are ikk inside and sells them anyway....BAD NEWS. I encourage ya'll to file a complaint with Paypal to get your money back.

That "dusty" "flakey" "sticky" shit is TOXIC chemical glue that's breaking down. It is tiny microscopic particles of death that is breathed in to your lungs.
Eww. Bad. Toxic. Crap.

I have had to toss out a few pairs of boots from online sellers because they didn't know shit from shinola. If a vintage clothing seller has been doing online selling for a year or so, I'd say they sure as hell better tell me the truth about the inside damaged lining or they'll be facing A Big Fat SNAD complaint thru Paypal.
I just bought these black boots from this etsy seller and they are wonderful! The boots and the seller! funkyfrugalfashions

2 brands that are the worst, tho it can happen with any boot that is lined in that foamy shiny knit, are Cobbies, and Joyce, but I have a wonderful pair of feather-trimmed tall 70s cowboy boots from Dingo....same problem. I'm gonna cut them apart and remove the lining and remodel them for me.

The best boots in the world, if you can find them...are leather lined ones from Italy. Or unlined boots from Brazil run a close second in the quality scheme of things. Real work boots, real cowboy boots and real designer boots are great finds too....

Right now I only have about 22 pairs of boots....I've really pared down my pairs...ha ha...from my high water mark of 46 boots.
Not a huge number in the celebutant world of shopping-craziness, but then, I'm not rich or a celeb, so I thought that was a big number. This is just my personal boots collection......I'm not counting my boots for any given time.

I hate getting ripped off...ignorance is not bliss in this case!