Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Perma Pleats and Lilac Time...in 1954

For years, I've asked for a bouquet of lilacs for Mother's Day....and perfect behavior. Lilacs are always in bloom for Mother's Day in early May...so that Mother's request was easy to fulfill...and everywhere I have ever lived, has had a lilac bush. Lilacs grow like weeds...once they are planted and watered through the hot season, they will grow on their own for decades. You have probably seen a lilac blooming in a yard where the house has been torn down....years later, after the fashion of the times has passed by...the lilac remains faithful and constant, permanent and beautiful.

This is one reason I love them...oh the fragrance. I have a milk glass bowl of lilacs in the living room...and they are scenting this very post!

Permanence and beauty.....this is probably why I'm also KooKoo for perma-pleats!

They are made by laying a piece of fabric on a mold of corrugated metal and placing another corrugated piece on top, and pressing with heat, and sometimes adding a chemical to hold the pleats.... They can be crushed and wrinkled and they pop right back! Faithful, constant, crushed and wrinkled.
 This has got to be the story of my life.

Look...Perma Pleats!
from the Pittsburgh Press, May 9, 1954, via Google Images

Perma pleats....

Butter yellow chiffon dress has a perma pleated skirt, a fitted waist and bodice, and a wide belt with a big bow accented with a circle of sparkly rhinestones.

Fun and happy sleeveless cocktail dress is a great choice for all those fancy parties and weddings in the spring and the summer.

Perma pleats with lots of sparkly beading....
Ivory lace is sewn with multitudes of sparkling glass beads with little looped fringes. The dropped waist is easy to wear, and the pleated chiffon skirt is perma pleated.

Fun and happy sleeveless cocktail dress is a great choice for a non-traditional bride, and for all those fancy parties and weddings in the spring and the summer.

Stripes ! perma pleats in a skirt...is so fancy ...a soft sheer fabric, it has permanent pleats in a lightweight fabric. It's so right...goth, circus, traditional, classic Black and White stripe skirt.

Pair it with a print, as sweater, a corset, a jacket, a lace blouse....on and on....this corset is long gone, and not included with the skirt....

This dress is available right here on my blog....clicky Here to check out this gorgeous 60s olive green perma-pleat party dress!
Green Martini olive dress is ready to live the 60s party life ! Sexy chiffon mini, with millions of tiny pleats, it has a flippy fun full skirt with a frilly ruffled hem.

 In my etsy shop, you can take a look at this  vintage slip with perma-pleats on the cups and at the hem..Pertty!

These are all sold...but sure are cute!