Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where The Wild Things Grow......

Wow, have I been busy or what?
Busy is the correct answer...
I had a run-in with Mr. Phil S. Stein.....
Oh Woe to those who do not believe
Woe to those who are artless.

I asked artist and pranksters and kind-hearts to come
and help paint my "sad and yukky" building...
It needs paint...I like to paint...
But I really don't know how to draw...much...
Which is why is always good to make new friends!

I got a huge happy response from lots of folks offering to come
on friday and paint....and doodle and make a beautiful thang
But Mr. Phil S. Stein assumed I was gonna make
my bldg. ugly and obscene.....and there were other issues..

I don't know if people realize that for Art to Grow, for gentrification, which is bad and good........
the gays, the immigrants and the weirdos, populate the fringes of the city centers
and they bring chartreuse, twinkly lights, loud music and buckets full of petunias... And it is Good !
All art originates from the outcasts and the over-sensitive..
It has to.
if it doesn't
it isn't Art
it's Craft.
If you want art....and I do...
you have to let it go
let it flow
let it wash over you
like a fabulous O
like the best French kiss you ever had
like the best chocolate bar
like the long hot shower after a day of hard physical labor.....
Well, I have a martini waiting for me and they go bad fast !
more on this subject and again and again..
Watch out for Mr. Phil S. Stein
He is artless......