Friday, July 1, 2011


It's prolly the KILZ. That's some heavy duty nasty killz-me chemicals. But if we want a pretty bathroom, one must suffer.
First the Kilz, then the paint. 
So, drugged from the chems, I goooogled "bathrooms".
This is the first pic that showed up on gggggoooogle images. Google knows me. Google knows what I like.

from Brad Feld. He is rich and invests in companies and lives in Denver. And likes bathrooms. We are a great match.

House Beautiful has a slideshow. 
as I scroll thru I see stripes. I see Toile. Big fan of both.
But, I won't (maybe) combine them in my bath decor. Hmm, we'll see.
The other thing I think that...I can't change anything. I'm stuck with what I have. My stupid tub. My nasty nasty sink cabinet. All of it.
I'll never have a home again where I can change things. This is not a happy feeling. Therefore I obsess on the things I can.
Sublimation.....The Renter's best drug. Next to Vodka.

English style.
That table turned into a sink really dumb. It looks all wrong. And I do not like sinks on top of the counter. Splashy splashy. Clean, clean, clean. But other than that...pretty cute.