Thursday, March 5, 2015

White lace and Promises

Looks like white lace, feels like white lace, it's a pattern of white, cream and ivory and soft gray on a background of charcoal, dusky black, deep coffee brown, sandy tan and patina brassy details.
Its the pattern, it's the texture, and it is inviting and mysterious.

Soft black with white texture woven accents, this is  the caftan, a hippie boho classic. Vintage 60s  kaftan tunic top, is for men and women, and has flared long sleeves.

Distressed painted metal box,  stenciled and painted again and again in white and shades of green. The black faded and chipped stencil lends the coolest industrial thing. 

 Vintage Wedding, Bohemian 70s vintage lace dress has long sleeves and yards of gorgeous lace ruffles.

Simple and sturdy, this bent plywood chair is based on Arne Jacobsen's famous series 7 model. In 1955 he designed  his famous chair, and this is an industrial version of Danish Modern style. With its slim iron legs and sculptural curves, this vintage chair is a pleasure to sit in, and a pleasure to look at.

Spooky baby skirt, a charmer in a babydoll print with a ivory muslin elastic waist, made of  vintage photos of decrepit vintage dolls in dusty gold frames, in shades of ochre, pasty donut, spider web dust and broken cloud white.

and of course White rabbits lace thru the meadows of my mind. 3 sweet bunny rabbit brass and glass necklaces. Hop to it!!