Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boots Bootsie Bootsy

Bootsy...Nothing Will Stop The Funk

Bootsy Collins, not to be confused with Phil Collins, altho we are all Phil Collins People........
is a Legendary bass player who has just started an online bass guitar school, Funk University.

Bootsy and his bass goes back to the 70s with James Brown. That's right. That's him on "Sex Machine".

Here's my boots...nothing will stop the funkomavintage....

 This weeks Newest offerings including awesomey real Motorcycle boots for the Ladies, real Roper Red Wing boots for the fellas, and Lehigh fringe lace-up Roper boots, all made in America.
Real hiking boots, Kastinger with the red laces for being completely authentic.
and of course the other offerings at the funk of vintage......

vintage Double H leather lace up, zippered, buckled and snapped....motorcycle boots.

80s Lehigh fringe vintage Roper boots.

Kastinger 80s vintage padded hiking boots made in Austria where only 30% of the country doesn't have mountains.

Red Wing Roper vintage boots in a size 11.

The Sexiest Man in the Known World......James Brown.

And while we're in the mood for ...Dancing...Prince, Cab Calloway, James Brown..Fred Astaire...and a twit named Michael.