Friday, September 5, 2014


 Chickens are so cool. They're cute, they're silly, they're wise, they got their eye on you.

and now lots of urban people are keeping a chicken or 2 in the backyard. Touring the city to gawk at Chicken Coops is a thing.
Some of us are hicks from the sticks, and raised by traditional-minded country people who know that livestock and gardens in the yard is perfectly normal behavior.

So, about that cute white chicken up there,  if you like chickens in the backyard, you can go be a friend to my niece, Edith. She's a chicken.

What to wear in the barnyard, in the backyard, out in the garden?
May I suggest a Chicken and Rooster print 50s day dress?

These days growing your food, bee hives in the backyard, or chickens for eggs (or gosh forbid, to eat them!!), is called Food Security.
And this is a very good thing. Home gardeners used to be looked at like some kinda weirdo, because after WWII it was all about being Modern.
And clean, and sanitary, and buying food from a big supermarket.
The tides they say ... are turning. However, some government entities are harrassing folks for doing what comes natural. Gardening. Providing food for oneself.

Dig in the dirt in vintage overalls.


so yeah.   Cream and tan vintage check overalls. By Cherokee, these are roomy with lots of pockets and a gathered waist and a tie on the back.

Vintage 50s overalls, with lots of pockets.   

Vintage 80s white canvas Sears and Roebuck,  overalls.

and, since you might be shoveling lots of Manure, how about a shirt that says Oh Shit!

I completely agree that roosters probably have no place in the city, that large scale farming is best left to large tracks of land outside the City Limits, perhaps.
But there ain't nothing wrong with neighborhood gardening, small plots turned into food for the neighbors.
Who would be against such a thing? Food Corporations of course. Well, Just Say No to Monsanto, and Big Agriculture.
We have a right to know what's in our food, where it comes from, and all we ask is to label it clearly.

Learn more about urban farming from Seattle Tilth.
Here's some discussion about the early history of pure food and drugs in America. It's not a bad idea, again.

Upton Sinclair, wrote The Jungle to alarm you about the meatpacking industry. In 1906.