Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Small town. Thanks Andy. Have a safe trip.

It was probably a fantasy ....right? No town was like Mayberry....not really. I grew up in Yountville. It was a lot like Mayberry. Kindly law enforcement, Sgt. that took some of us kids home with him, who patrolled Yountville with an eye out for us in a kind manner. Sgt. responded to all the awful stuff too. He was a professional.

Andy Griffith  There were bars, lots of them. Little stores, little grocery stores, gas stations, hotel, taxis, lots of churches.
There was gossip, lots of gossip.
 (picture...of Andy)

There were territorial disputes, there were drunks, there was a lot of hobos.
There was child abuse, there was spouse abuse, there was abuse of all the kinds you can imagine.

 The Andy Griffith Show cast

 the Mayberry people we love...

this was what my childhood looked like

There were parades, parties, pot lucks and rummage sales.
There were convicted felons, there were altar boys, and lots of sinners but only  a few saints.
I had the great fortune to grow up in a town like Mayberry. Good night Andy.