Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harris Tweed mash ups

One of the many reasons I sell vintage, is because I know what good quality is....and isn't. Funkomavintage loves the good stuff. Long before the "heritage, classic, old-school" trend, Levis, Harris Tweed, Filson,  and LL Bean, are just a few of the labels we always try to have in stock. Not because we are Label Snobs, but because these companies made, back in the day, and mostly, now too, the Good Stuff.

It's so good, that even if the jacket is damaged, I buy it and turn the gorgeous fabric into something else....like this lacy tote bag....by thatyountvillegirl

One of my most fave finds is anything Harris Tweed. Since 1846, this wool fabric has been woven in the weavers homes in Scotland on the small islands using local wool and local dyes. Things have changed very little over the decades, except in our modern throw-away world, Harris Tweed is having a tough time.  But I say, why buy one crappy Gap jacket that will pill and fall apart in 8 months, when you can have a beautiful coat that will last for many many years.
As wikipedia says,
Harris Tweed (Clò Mór or Clò na Hearadh in Gaelic) is a cloth that has been handwoven by the islanders on the Isles of Harris, Lewis, Uist and Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, using local wool.
Traditional Harris Tweed was characterized by subtle flecks of colour achieved through the use of vegetable dyes, including the lichen dyes called "crottle" (Parmelia saxatilis and Parmelia omphalodes which give deep red- or purple-brown and rusty orange respectively).[1] These lichens are the origin of the distinctive scent of older Harris Tweed.[2]

High quality fabrics, simple classic style is the best luxury. Yes, they cost more when new, but you won't have to keep replacing your clothes every year. That's value, That's luxury. And...it's the ultimate way to Live Green and be conscious of your Footprint on the earth. If you spend wisely, wear it well, and are comfortable and look good...I don't know what else you need ! Family, good friends, and tasty healthy food, quality spirits and hand-crafted beer....yeah, That's the Good Life !
Here's a few of my favorites in Harris Tweed now on Etsy.

Cute Purple Harris Tweed Coat
Look at the cute cute collar, and the cute cute Scotlander label with  a bagpiper ! "Quality endures like tradition"

Hey look, here it is in Harris Tweed pink !
Another cute Harris Tweed 60s coat in Pink.

From a seller in Scotland, a fine example of a classic Harris Tweed blazer.
This snappy fella sure dispells the idea that classic heritage is dumb and dowdy ! Check plaid pants, a plaid waistcoat and a simple white shirt and a pocket hanky...and lots of awesome attitude.

Here's the latest Harris Tweed tote bag made from an 80s blazer. I used a jacket pocket with its flap as a ....pocket !  Accented with lace, and lined in a canvas print, it's sturdy, and really has tailored menswear for the ladies vibe.

 Mash-ups from Vans, Nike, Schott, North Face, J Crew, Marks & Spenser....and there's even more !
From Sneakernews is this fun mash-up between upstart Nike and grampy Harris Tweed in a sneaker from 2010.
".....with brown molded leather on the toe, a leather-wrapped midsole, and Harris Tweed on the upper as well as the tongue....available at  CaliRoots.

Take look at this ! I love motorcycle jackets too... American classics are they. Schott, the maker of the Marlon Brando-style motorcycle black leather jacket that drove the squares crazy, has used Harris Tweed to make this motorcycle jacket.

"... from Schott NYC. For Fall 2011, their classic Perfecto Jacket will come in a check pattern Harris Tweed.
Photography: Highsnobiety

 .....another mash-up, from used-to-be-good North Face, Houndstooth Harris Tweed, in a parka, a vest and a backpack.

 How about a whole blog about Tweed ? sign me up ! 

More Harris Tweed.... from Bathing Ape. 
... jacket, high top sneakers, slippers, a down vest and a cushion, which are all styled in a traditional checkered fabric."

and the New Dr. Who....oh yes, in Harris Tweed. geek mash-up with grampy !