Friday, May 8, 2015

the patio is much more bohemian

..this year than last.  This year, honestly, only because these 40s barkcloth drapes were the easiest to pull out of my great big box of old fabrics, did they make the cut for this year's fashion in decorating the trailer park patio.

 More color, more pattern but it is the same furniture. I moved the dresser to the side, and hung a big piece of black shade cloth as the "front door". Soon, once it heats up towards 80+ everyday, we'll need to toss the big BIG shade cloth over the roof, aka Big white tarp.

Last year I used a lot more neutrals... canvas, raw silk, faded vintage fabrics.
 Here is before...

When you live in a tiny house, an rv, a trailer or a camper or van, the outside spaces become much more important. That's the best part of living tiny, is you spend more time outside.
so, the 99.00 patio was destroyed in the hot sun, so we bought a 50.00 white tarp and tossed it over the frame, tied it down with bungie cords, and beefed up the legs with the bamboo poles we had on hand. The floor is pallets, and the big wood box is made from pallets and scrap wood and holds tools. It locks, and it is really nice to have them all together, and out from under the Winnie in blue bins.
All the furniture is the same, with just different fabric tossed over the cushions. There's still more tiny lights.... from yard sales.... to hang up around the edges to light it in the night. 

The fireplace on the patio is from yard sales....  sitting on some marble squares.

I love hearing the birds twitter, the buzz of the bees that visit my flowers and the sound of the breezes.
I am not a fan of traffic, stupid kids with sub-woofers or loud misogynistic rap noise.
But, outside, is where I spend a lot of time. And in California, shade is so very important. It's cooler under there.

The garden is all in pots, and this year I'm trying out #5 bins from the hardware/thrift store to grow the tomatoes in.

I move the potted plants around but I think this is the best garden for the day...

I made a trellis around the front of the shed to hold morning glories and a lot of cucumbers.

Those big #5  Sterlite bins will hold the tomatoes and herbs. The black pots will hold the peppers, the okra, tomatillo, and eggplant.

The first sweet peas of Spring 2015. Cheri Amour from Renee's Garden seeds company. Sweet, pastels and two-tones.

The Victoria blue blooms came back, and the nice little merlot pansies go well with a faded pink flamingo.

I'm letting the weeds grow. They are food for the bees, and they are actually really interesting, but more about them another time.