Monday, February 4, 2008

Top ?? I heard a rumor.

While I do love to go do some drinking.....and I'll try out a bar and see how comfy,or Tacoma, or whatever they are.
I like cheap drinks and cheap food. Or if I have to spend coin, I want good food, heavy drinks and nice wait staff.
So you know we tried the Top of Tacoma twice......and uh, not so good.
I always got the vibe that me and my spouse and my friends just weren't cool enough.....
That's OK. Not everyplace is for everyone.
I think it's really a Private Hipster Club.
I don't do hipster. Not even when I was young. I'm too accommodating, I think.
I like almost everyone, even if I disagree with, so what huh?
So, I heard the TOP has a "memo".....a Get OUtta my Bar LIST.
And an acquaintance of mine was asked to leave the TOP for no reason other than being on this LIST......the MEMO !!
Is This True? I don't know. I'm just reporting the news, that's all.
Defend your self !!!