Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Dog and Shrimp cocktail beach clean up

My dog, showing his xmas cheer, and being a good sport. He wore it on his walk and didn't complain or whine. Better than a toddler!

A walk on the beach...first, lets's get a shrimp cocktail and pretend we are in SF on Fisherman's Wharf. Homesick, always a little homesick.

View of said Shrimp cocktail looking northeast towards Dash Point and Seattle Wa.

Looking back towards Tacoma......

Second, let's smell the tree pee.

Let's tour the old burned out mill on the waterfront.  I really love leaving the ruin alone .......I'm a big fan of ruin. Saves Time.

Pretty moss.I've been on etsy too long. I think it needs a tiny plastic deer. Or a mustache.

Pretty weeds.
The remains of a snowberry bush. A few months ago it was full of darling white berries, and then the berries are eaten by the birds. That's good.

Time for your close-up Miss Snowberry!

The beach clean-up. 30 minutes of picking up trash at Dickman Mill Park on Tacoma's waterfront. Yes, we picked up the tampon applicator. No, we left the other people's dog shit there. We're not that nice.