Sunday, November 29, 2015

remember my Vintage Winnebago?

Yup that one. We've been living in it for about a year and half and we feel fine.  Tiny house living isn't for everyone, but if you are ready to ditch a lot of possessions and spend a lot less time cleaning house, a tiny house might be for you.

Most people who get a trailer or an RV decide to paint it inside and spruce it up with all new fabrics, and the results are just fantastic!
I like leaving my Winnie pretty much like how it was built in 1973. But.... that dinette just had. To. Go.
Finally did it. We unscrewed it and stored the 2 benches and the table in case the new owner (someday in the future) wants it back.
We put in 2 of our vintage bamboo chairs and I love all the extra room.  Also, since we don't really use the oven except for storage, we turned it into a laptop holder to watch movies and stuff.  Next indoor project --- all new flooring to replace the mish mosh of vinyl tiles and bits of original awesome green carpet.
Here are the AFTER pics...

Here is the laptop on the stove door. Silly.

A few BEFORE pics from the deconstruction which was just unscrewing it from the frame.

 We unscrewed and dismantled the propane heater tube and vent and are storing that too for future use.

Also, a BEFORE pic or 2 from years past when we ate at the dinette.

Next up... different curtains and a slightly different arrangement of all the stuff that must be stored away.
I'm years late describing what we did in the last year! Changed out the black water tank open/close handle (fun, not fun), replaced the heating coil in the refrigerator.
I bet you can't wait for the Youtube videos!