Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Workwear Vintage Military

Perhaps because men who do things, who build things, seems to becoming rarer these days, there is a push to honor and collect vintage workwear and vintage militaria. I'm all for it!
I love quality and with the recent garbage that was made in the 1990's and the 2000's ..that Fast Fashion...It is about time that American designers and American workers who have been so beaten in the last 40 years are honored again.
To do something with your own 2 hands is a joy. I guess that's why (hand-crafted) Beer Brewing (and drinking) is so in vogue these days.....the last always looking for a new frontier.
The classics.....Baking, gardening, sewing, chopping wood, painting and creating artful things.....It's Back!

I always have vintage menswear, and here are 2 great practical shirts. First is a 40s era military officers shirt with great style in wool gabardine. It has a few holes scattered on the front but it is still a fabulous thing!

Dating to the late 20s - 30s, this military influence work shirt has really great details...the double layer on the elbows is a real treat to see. The color is deep and glowing and the practical pockets have a slot just for a wood pencil or a metal gauge.

Coming soon to etsy, is this 40s pair of military khaki pants. That wide leg, high waist we love so much!