Sunday, September 11, 2011

The sound of wind in the corn....

State Power, Lies and Fear. Lewis Lapham explains 9-11

I wish we only had to memorialize the victims on 9 11 2001, but Bush used 9-11 to enrich his friends. More than 6000 U.S. soldiers have now died in the 2 wars, twice as many as the terrorists killed on 9-11. Countless civilians, and thousands of other soldiers have died since the Bush Administration invaded Iraq and Afghanistan..

It was a load of bullshit,
meant to make the US become closer to a Police State, and to increase profits of the Oil Companies using the chaos the US caused in the Middle East. What did you expect from 2 Oil Men?
9-11 has been used to make money and reduce civil rights.

Bush/Cheney...both Oil men, both with many friends in corporate America who would make huge profits in the War Machine....Halliburton....Blackwater....Defense Industries...Bankers... Insurance Companies...they all made huge profits. Lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction........The 2 wars have now cost so much that it has bankrupted America, and along with allowing  Bankers to do anything they want to make profits.
America ate it up. Rah rah Rah.
Fear did it.

Canadian DAY 6 program, with Lewis Lapham.
This is an interview with Lapham, from the Canadian Broadcasting Company, in which Lapham, being the grandson of US Oilmen,  and Politicians, and Yale and Cambridge educated, knows the true underbelly of American political power.

---Lewis H. Lapham is an American writer. He comes from the moneyed class, the Oil money of American aristocracy, and is a Preppy Yalie.
He was the editor of the American monthly Harper's Magazine from 1976 until 1981, and from 1983 until 2006. He also is the founder of the eponymous publication about history and literature entitled Lapham's Quarterly. He has written numerous books on politics and current affairs.
His great grandfather,also named Lewis Lapham, was a founder of Texaco. His grandfather Roger Lapham was mayor of San Francisco. A son of Lewis A. Lapham and Jane Foster, Lapham was born in 1935 and grew up in San Francisco.
Lapham was educated at the Hotchkiss School, Yale University, where he joined the literary society St. Anthony Hall, and Magdalene College, Cambridge.

In 1972, Lapham married Joan Brooke Reeves, the daughter of Edward J. Reeves, a stockbroker and grocery heir, and Elizabeth M. Brooke (formerly the wife of Thomas Wilton Phipps, a nephew of Nancy Astor). They have three children.