Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's A Heat Wave !!

56 and sunny....and that's not just my age and disposition.....that's the Weather Forecast...
I'll be in a bikini!
'member last Art Walk...the one that didn't happen? Snow snow snow...up to your bikini line?
so, let's do it again for reals this time.......
Artwalk 3rd Thursday.......
January 15
and Folksingers In Hell have agreed to come back and play their
Tacoma Crunchy Sugar Pops In A Blacktop Bowl genre of folk music.....
That is music for folks who are in danger of jadedness,
in danger of calcification and ennui.
Music from David and Heidi
7 pm to about 8:30 ish.
Food and something to drink.
funkoma vintage &
Amocat Antiques.
712 Broadway.
In the Rampart Bldg.
Tacoma Washington

Because Folksingers In Hell isn't enough frivolity for December's Artwalk evening....
We present...hanging on our wall...
..the art of..

Maureen Smith

****Maureen spent a year and half in commercial art school right after high school. This almost ruined her and sucked all the joy out of doing art for years. She was a hairdresser, theatre critic, insurance clerk, computer programmer, game, book and comic seller, would be novelist (not necessarily in that order) over the years. Now she tortures David Fewster at work and does art for herself at home. And loving it! P.S. It's David's fault.****