Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So What's Up with That?

well I am almost always in black......gray.....dark green.....navy....purple.......The Jewel Tones......The Dark Jewel Tones....
I know I'll always feel dark.....still.
So what's at work here....it's been brewing for a year or so....
is a slight shift in color and texture.
I always loved velvet, velvet, velvet and lace. And Leather.

and, being of A Dame of a Certain Age, I know I want to wear things that are simpler in style and fabric, and color.
and sepia, gray, cream, oyster, ivory.......
and black...

Some women want to keep with the multicolors....
the big prints...
the ooky pastels.....
And that's fine for them.

A closer look. The owl pin was a xmas gift. I love the autumn colors, the sparkly, and the fact that it has worn paint....Patina.

And I'm tired of looking at my burlap jacket that I thrifted in the 80s from the Salvation Army store on 6th (back in the olde days), and never wearing it ....there's a liquor store there now...so that's a pretty good trade.
So, my burlap jacket from the 70s. It has the Campus Casuals label. That's what I wore the other day. and a linen skirt, Espirit label from the 80s. And these chocolate leather otk boots from Ginchybaby on etsy.
Underneath...a simple gray cardigan and gray stripe mitts. Oh yeah, argyle tights in the same brown tones.
a color scheme faded as an old field in late winter......instead of shocks of separate color, my scheme flows neatly into each other........and the texture has spark and interest.
just about, but not quite sophisticated. More fun.

The jacket came with the holes.......and I love that.
I love the contrast between the fact it is a fairly structured jacket with holes..made of burlap. I love the shell buttons. I love the color of the lining. Faded. and torn.
It's the color of junk.

What possessed the Campus Casuals line to make a jacket of burlap? Were they trying to reach the college gal that was hearing the call of social justice, of ending the Vietnam War?
Was she listening to Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell instead of Van Halen and Kiss? A college girl......or a college age girl....she must have had more on her mind that matching her shoes and handbag.