Friday, November 9, 2012

Favorite Label Friday Nov 9 2012

I have a bad bad habit of buying things...just for the label. I spend my days looking at things and 99.99% have a label somewhere on them.....clothes have a label in the neckline, the zipper area, the waistband, the side seam...a lamp might have a stamp on the bottom, a piece of furniture a stamp like a woodburning in the drawer, the back or on the bottom.

some of the ones are things I've sold, things I own, things I have for sale....and every Friday except Holidays....I'm here to entertain and bring a smile! 

Just like any artist that designs a cute dress, a fancy blouse, or a rugged pair of pants or shoes or boots, a lamp, a piece of furniture.....the person that designs the labels often get CraZy ! or not.
Many labels are's the facts ma'am....Others...well...Take a look!

This Junior Look label with flirty eyes !! is the kind that will make me open my wallet...
this is on a cute little decorated sweater from the late 50s or early 60s. It probably had a matching dress made of the black and white herringbone wool.
It's made of woven satin.
Cute !!

See, isn't that cute? I'd sure love to see the dress .... if it's still available, it's in this section of my shop

Here's the ubiquitous NIKE label. A Nike label can tell you a lot...this label with the Swoosh, and the slanted Nike, all say early 80s.
Nike sport they are...if still available.

Here's a pair of 60s ACME cowboy boots. The ACME is stamped on the pull. Acme used woven cloth labels until sometime in the late 60s to early 70s when they went to ink stamps in the production had to speed up, and then moved to Mexico, or China or where-ever...and left the USA, so did the artful labels.

Here's a pair of 50s Acme boots. Notice that the cloth label is the pull !  And that is why we call this style, among other names, Cloth Pull Boots. simple, eh?

Bass fringe loafers are a sweet delight with the labels. Printed in the bottom of the shoe, in ink, is the name, the style and other important info. Made in USA.
Hooray.  Simple and maybe kinda boring....

But wait, it gets better. 
 Sewn inside is woven satin tape....on some pairs...

See ! It's navy blue with forest green.  That's a hint...that color scheme was very popular in the 80s...and Bass still put all kinds of neat details in these always awesome preppy shoes.

Here's a very sweet hand-knitted sweater, probably purchased at the Hotel gift shop or clothing store  inside the Hotel, when a lady or a husband visited Hong Kong.

Mrs. Gladys Chang knit this sweater, and there's her address so you can order more once you return to the States.