Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poorly Worded Signs + Darkness =

Misunderstanding ! OK. The sign said:
No Parking Tuesday after 7 am...blah blah blah.....
That leads one to believe that there is
NO Parking starting Tuesday at 7 am and on to infinity.....
It's true!
Of course that is not what was meant by the signs scattered about on Broadway..funky funky Broadway.
The big men with big trucks and even bigger muscles were moving our big concrete planter boxes because OH JOY!! our street is about to be torn up.
Word up....
How about this:
No Parking
Near Planters
Tuesday Only
7 am - 6 pm.
I have the Pollyanna belief that my government is here to serve ME,
not to confound me and make my life harder than it already is...

And you do know, I'll be noting the progress of the Revamping of Antique Row....

and of course there will be no parking for months....Good Luck to us All on Antique Row !!
But on a happier note !!
of course we'll be open....and havin' a Ball Ya'll..........

A little trip down memory lane...
sidewalks and planters and the old wood box which will move....


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Is MY Street Closed at 7am Today????

I think The City doesn't like or respect antique row because we ain't controllable corporate types....we're odd, weird, feisty, and we say inscrutable things.
OK, First Night is fine. (I'm gonna assume the street must be closed NOW for First Night)
And I'm not stupid....I know things must be set up...But really now...2 whole days and 1 night is needed on Broadway from 7th to 9th? NO PARKING??
Tully's, the restaurant, the dentist, the ashdon, the 35 businesses, the gay bar, the mortgage companies, screw Riley, and Dennis Flannigan....and so on........Oh wait, maybe they pay for parking...some of us Have To Drive To Work With A CAR...some of us carry more than dog hair and a water bottle to work. Just saying.
I am not a happy driver.
I'm gonna be surprised to go to work today and find the signs gone...Just a Wish...a girl can wish, right?

When I opened Steilacoom Forge Deli in uh, Steilacoom, I was in direct competition with Bair Drug. Guess who had their electricity, water, and other utilities turned off for "construction" at least once a month for a day or 2??? Guess who had their street corner torn up for "construction" at least once a month for a day or two??? Guess who had the street blocked off for a day or two, at random times over the course of the year and a half I was (trying) to be in business??? Me.

I'm a little sensitive.
I just love how THE ARTS are the latest Buzz Concept to Revitalize Tacoma This Decade (tm)
and then when the arts get too um, arty.....all hell breaks loose.
Rather, things must be muzzled.

Antique Row has been a consistent generator of fun, skewed perspective and general nose-thumbing at normal society....and we like it like that!
Used furniture??? gross. Old smelly books? ikkk. Used clothes? barf.
But those non-mainstream items/concepts/practices are what Fuel creativity.
Even tattoos are mainstream now. Chew on that Chew on Dat. (obscure Roald Dahl reference)

Eating oatmeal everyday is boring. Have chocolate cake for breakfast and see how you stack up!
The last neat thing the city did was to install Cable Internet all over town!!!!
I would not be here to annoy you all but for That!! (wait I used to write for know what they are, right?)
(I can't get cable downtown unless I pay big big bucks for construction and installation which is an interesting theory is that everyone is waiting for sidewalk and street mayhem, followed by prettiness....uh, you did remember to run cable to every address on the new construction you did down there, didn't you??? or did you forget, which means the new construction will need to be torn up to cable-up downtown??)

And while I'm blogging about Things Tacoma Is Doing To Annoy Me (tm)...
At least when PP Ray was running things around here, the streets did NOT have holes in them the size of Guatemala !!
Why in the hell do we have massive condo projects that look so modern and upscale, yet the citizens have to drive on 3rd world rutted goat trails to get to them and to the new Nordstrom at the mall?
Did you think I wouldn't notice?
Yeah, fab. My new Missoni dress is in my new Lexus, as I dodge 46 pot holes between Nordy's and my Downtown Condo...............
WTH ??
(I don't live in a condo downtown, I was just giving you an example of the disparate dichotomy that now exists in Tacoma...)
I blame The Man From DesMoines....and I don't mean the waterfront burg up north...

So have fun on First Night but don't get naked what ever you do. And don't do anything Rick Warren would wag his finger at.....

Bair Drug is closed now. Looks permanent.
Karma is a Bitch.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Xmas Music !

Mark and I used to do a radio show at KGHP in Purdy....and this is a selection of music we used to play...on our traditional Christmas show....Enjoy !!

We played The Pansy Division version, but I can't find that....this is long long before the Gay Cowboy Movie.....I just can't quit you.....

No one does Christmas like the Irish.....Merry Christmas Nick!

and I want to show you Mr.T experience "Danny Partridge Got Busted" but not on youtube..waaah. So here.

It's A Wonderful Life !!

Always the right time for a pretty party dress !
For the fellas, um , er... or a 60s Cafe Leather Motorcycle Jacket.....
Cobalt Blue tissue lame is sparkly ! This is my new favorite snowfall at night....

Black and White Gunne Sax Bubble Dress...the most wanted Bubble from a fave

designer !

Even sassier with the slim skirt pulled up...

Red Satin..always the right choice to Wow 'Em !


60s Cafe Racer Jacket ...a 46 !

And always remember....It's A Wonderful Life !!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Get on with Your Holiday....and First Night..

The snow has really slowed me down...from sprouting a big leak in my sheepskin boots..which means I had to buy 4 new pair to replace them....well, new to me...that is!

The gang at the shop kept us open everyday during the wet white stuff.....We are here for your retail needs....and now we rest for a day!

We'll return after the hangover subsides and we wake from the steak, the turkey, the yams, the pie and the whipped cream, the mimosa's, and the wrapping is folded and put away for next year!
I have a few last minute auctions on ebay....and the store has coats and other cold weather needs.....sorry I didn't get a pic of the lovely dresses and the Righteous white Tux jacket that the Ghost of Elvis lusts for....
Of course I"ll be open on Boxing Day....the 26th.
And a Big Deal on First Night !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art. Music. Fun. Cold. Food. Drink. Me.You.

Artwalk 3rd Thursday.......
December 18....

and Folksingers In Hell have agreed to come back and play their
Tacoma Crunchy Sugar Pops In A Blacktop Bowl genre of folk music.....
That is music for folks who are in danger of jadedness,
in danger of calcification and ennui.
Music from David and Heidi
7 pm to about 8:30 ish.
Food and something to drink.
funkoma vintage &
Amocat Antiques.
712 Broadway.
In the Rampart Bldg.
Tacoma Washington

Because Folksingers In Hell isn't enough frivolity for December's Artwalk evening....
We present...hanging on our wall...
..the art of..

Maureen Smith

****Maureen spent a year and half in commercial art school right after high school. This almost ruined her and sucked all the joy out of doing art for years. She was a hairdresser, theatre critic, insurance clerk, computer programmer, game, book and comic seller, would be novelist (not necessarily in that order) over the years. Now she tortures David Fewster at work and does art for herself at home. And loving it! P.S. It's David's fault.****

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hey....snow is so winter .....don't you think? don't let a little weather keep you away from Winterfest it was tons 'o fun!
The best music...I'm talking motopony, gavin guss, stephanie johnson, mary win.......and more more more.....that Alone! was worth 5 bucks, man.....

today we have (among others) Steve Stefanowicz,'s the schedule...

Noon - Captain Claus arrives on Tug Boat
1 pm - Holiday Pageant with Tacoma singers
2 pm - Urban Orchestra
3 pm - 4:30 pm Steve Stefanowicz
5 - 7:30 pm Elvis Impersonator Danny Vernon
yes. Steve Stefanowicz AND Elvis ! In Tacoma!

A few pics of funkoma.......

and Gavin had no idea I was January's mom! Small town ...indeed!! I wish I could afford to hire Gavin to play for us at "rampart" on First Night....He is sooooo good. Go be his myspace friend....

I think the crew that put this show together did an amazing artful and tasty job. Other than the cold, it was perfect....Go ! Don't miss it!!!

Because buying vintage is good, very very good.....

for you .....for the planet.....saves resources......

Funkoma Vintage....712 Broadway
daily -- 10 to 6(ish)253*588*1003

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sew What?

Yes, I'll be at Tacoma Winterfest......
Small sample of what's new and what will be with me at Tacoma Winterfest

Funkoma Vintage....712 Broadway

daily -- 10 to 6(ish)

What's at the shop?
Oh a lot....
….and more more more……





And that ain't all !!



Monday, December 8, 2008

Folksingers In Hell agree to perform....

for us...and for funkoma vintage.....on ARTWALK next week.... yes I will post some music of David and Heidi....soon, because they are better than you could don't imagine......Be one of the Cool Kids.......and show up on Artwalk night........

But's the Holidaze.......
Here's some music.....

my kids have seen me dance drunk to this many many many times....

this always makes me cry !!!

Surprise...I love this SONG...and everyone cool hates The fucking Eagles....

and just for fun....Charlie MUST check this out!!! OMG !!! 80s 80s 80s 80s....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Furry, Cold and Pink too....

Making special things for Winterfest....not seen in the shop...kinda special editions....that will see the light of day at the show on Dec 13 & 14.

I hope you folks with some spare time are helping out with Winterfest....because I have no time for anything now but work work a Tacoma version of Santa's little middle-aged crafty elf!! And I hope they don't think I need some elf storage !!

The weather person said it was gonna get Cold...tonight...I just listed some fun furs and some vintage furs (Larchmont Furriers, Tacoma)
for holiday fun.....

We may do it....for love or money or for a costume...but here's a lovely 50s ballgown that was Mini 'd....I found it unloved in a box at an estate sale last summer. I was attracted by the silver lurex threads that glistened in the summer sunshine. So I hemmed it, and cleaned it and steamed it and took a few stitches here and there.....and it's ready to Party again !!

Amazing shelf bust fooling around here.....this dress wants to party...and it's a sensible size..a 28" waist !!





Because buying vintage is good, very very good.....

for you .....for the planet.....saves resources......

Vegan fur......and vintage fur.....

cause's cold outside.....

Funkoma Vintage....712 Broadway

daily -- 10 to 6(ish)

What's at the shop?
Oh a lot....
….and more more more……I just set out Party party Party dresses and more coats.....and men's tux jackets and velvet jackets...

tons of new furniture and lamps and fun and special and groovy stuff in the shop also.......
Yes, I'll be at Tacoma Winterfest......

NEW auctions on ebay!!!

here's a sample

click skelli to take you to ebay

faux snow leopard or lynx fur


50s princess shelf bust party dress S M


Vintage Blonde Mink stole S M


faux 50s champagne fun fur M L


And that ain't all !!


Wanna go to my etsy me