Friday, September 6, 2013

Sweater Weather is on the way, but SUMMER.

There's never enough summer for me... birthday parties, outdoor bar-b-q's, weddings, vacation, camping, swimming in the lake, making backyard fires, planting tomatoes, corn and squash. Seeing all the stars in the sky with the clearest skies in a black summer night.

A packed vintage suitcase with my summer favorites --- Converse shoes, and a lot of stripe shirts!

Apples in your backyard? Apples from granny's orchard? here's a collection of neat easy recipes for Apple Butter. Cook down some tasty apples, and add spices and some sugar, and ladle into jelly jars for a jam to spread on morning toast. 

These are stuffed apples made from vintage fabrics and they are in my that yountville girl shop on etsy.

The cool weather needs some cute skirts and sweaters..... Here's a 50s reversible pleated plaid skirt in shades of blue and cream.
yes, there are 2 zippers, 2 buttons at the can wear it either way!
Read the history of reversible pleated skirts....The Turnabout from Pendleton(r) has a short history lesson here.

Skirts in my funkomavintage etsy shop......

Vintage 1986 Susan Bristol apple harvest wool there anything more autumn than the apple harvest with the crisp bite of  ripe apples, fun apple squeeze festivals and ...applejack!

Sweaters in my funkomavintage etsy shop...

Cream and gray wool skirt with a single inverted pleat on the center front.... this adorable vintage skirt wraps and buttons closed with 2 tiny marbled buttons. The wool blend plaid is pale heather ivory, soft gray and pale tan. The front seams have hidden pockets....I love that !

Soft brown and camel stripes in a slim pencil skirt, is a breeze to wear. It has a neat cowgirl thing going on....with its pockets on the front....always  a fan  of pockets!

2 delightful vintage sweaters..... the top one is a V neck confetti pullover... and the cardigan below is a lightweight cable knit wool sweater with an Irish knit thing... going on.

 Who wears Aran Fisherman sweaters? Cool people with style, that's who!

aran sweaters

Classic snowflake pattern vintage pullover sweater,  with Scandia designs.... the modified turtleneck will keep you cozy!

When the cold breezes blow, a wool plaid pleated skirt is the perfect thing to pair with tall leather boots, wooly tights and a warm sweater! This vintage plaid skirt has full box pleats and a gray color scheme.

Fun vintage Indian Blanket sweater in desert shades of brown, sand and turquoise. It is a cool chick's wardrobe basic, perfectly swell with faded denim jeans, or with a pencil skirt and boots.

and all together now...... denim jacket, plaid skirt, and aviators! hey, this girl looks like she shops funkomavintage!

fleur here

Sometimes a vintage denim jacket adds a fun touch for a lightweight sweater and a skirt combo, for the first transitional days of summer into fall.  Here's  a Levis 70s light blue denim jacket some crafty boho chick decorated with a big piece of patchwork on the back.

Rain, thunder, and 74 degree days? yup, just carry a jacket and you can toss it on when the first rain falls, and doff it when the sun comes back out and spreads the warmth.

No need for your sweater to be boring, right?
Teddy Bear to the rescue! Vintage 80s oversize pullover in black and white bears, bows and hearts. Awwwww!