Monday, January 14, 2013

Good underwear.

The latest from the funkomavintage lingerie drawer....drawers..ha ha. 60s Vanity Fair, a rare Olga violet gown, Pink Champagne garter panties...Hollywood Vassarette.....and something for the boys. Boxers, tighty whities, and long underwear All in ones, and thermal shirts......too.

Leopard vintage Vanity Fair Rhinestone buttons 60s silky nylon Top S M

60s vintage Vanity Fair nightie top...That Leopard! soft and silky. Rhinestone buttons.

Garter Panties vintage Pink Champagne Pinup Frilly Lace satin ribbons S  M

 wow ! sexy panties with garters.... made of sheer lace, satin and ribbons, these pink satin and champagne beige lace cuties are perfect for pinup and burlesque fun.

 Rare Vintage Violet purple Olga Long Nightgown huge Sweep M L 92060

Pretty purple violet nylon, and matching lace, it has the famous Olga form-fitting bodice with a wide...skirt...about 100" !

 60s Party dress Nightgown Vintage Hollywood Vassarette hostess lingerie scarf S M

60s long nightgown is a psychedelic print by Hollywood Vassarette. It's a party dress...a hostess gown...and a nightgown. It can be worn many ways...with its large scarf.

Nylon vintage Panties Sheer Black lace long pettipants 60s slip S M

 Pin up panties in soft silky nylon, in an old-fashioned style of long panties, or pettipants. They look like a half slip...but are panties. 

This pair of 1960's- 1970's men's underwear is in new, never worn condition.
Made in USA. Sears Men's Shop
35% cotton - 65% poly knit Tighty Whiteys !

 Vintage Cotton Underwear White Briefs dashed elastic 60s 70s mens L 38

Cream, french vanilla thick cotton knit and lots of white cats eye buttons.Yes, a flap on the back.

50s Penneys Vanilla Long Johns underwear for winter wear 44 M

60s cotton knit pullover shirt, charming red and white stripe thermal shirt of stretchy wool and cotton blend. 60s Duofold is fabled for quality and general awesomeness.

1960s Vintage Thermal shirt Red Stripe Duofold Made in USA wool cotton s

Made in USA

Back in the early 80s I noticed that a lot and I mean a lot....of things I was buying new were made in countries other than America. I use to enjoy buying neat imported things from Cost Plus Imports in San Francisco back in the 70s, and the occasional cute widget at Woolworths, but imported merchandise was still quite rare. I bought wicker baskets from China because that's where they were made. Made in India handwoven and stamped textiles indigenous to the country...When that changed to making 3rd world countries the low-wage exploited workers of the world...I stopped buying imported goods if at all possible.

And, I simply stopped buying imports from that time on....unless I could not find it made in the USA. This meant I went without a lot of stuff. And that is fine! I made do, I bought used, I made it myself, I lived without. (I have always had used clothes, used housewares, used cars, and used furniture...this new trend of "junk" and "diy" ain't anything new to me!)

 Egan, shown here as a teenager at Baker Beach in the '70s, moved to San Francisco when she was 7. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Egan
During the 70s, I remember imports from Taiwan ROC, and Hong Kong, for instance, showing up in clothing shops. And Volkswagens...and Volvos...from Europe!

While the imports were rare until the mid 1980s, they offered no real challenge to American jobs and our economy. The industry that grows around imports.....the ships, the ports, the dockworkers, the movers....can add to an economy. What has happened since Reagan was installed in the White House, is that people have been convinced that buying American is dumb, that government is the enemy, and that Unions didn't get those high wages we used to enjoy.....and now....we have low-paying  jobs in the US, and Americans have closets overflowing with junk from China.

 a label from a vintage nightgown, Made in USA, and UNION made!

I have always been promoting the re-use of that stuff others have discarded! When I say "The Recycled Life", I'm not saying some slick marketing concept.....I live it. I believe it.
I know this has always been the right way to live.
I developed this philosophy of living back in the '60s when I was a teenager.
1. Buy Quality. It lasts a long long time, cutting down on waste.
2. Buy from Small Business. Do you think Macy's really gives a shit about you?
3. Buy local as much as possible. We live in a world economy, and we always have, so if you can't find what you want in your area, search out other small businesses, and buy from them.

When I offer something with a not-made-in-America label, it is vintage or used. It needs to be reintroduced to our modern life again. It needs to see life again. It needs to be used, and worn out!
We can't change the past, but we can change today....we can change tomorrow.

Where ever you live, you can buy more stuff made locally, buy better quality stuff, and be mindful of all your purchases. I'm typing on a made in China computer.....because I repaired my old computers until they could not be revived. I didn't buy a new computer every year....I kept what I had for about 5 years, and got it repaired.

Minnetonka moccasins are made in (surprise) Minnetonka Minnesota USA.  Since 1946, Minnetonka has been a staple of American style.

Crayons are made in the USA! not every Binney-Smith product.....but crayons are.
Welcome to The Crayola FACTORY

Here's the classic Crayola factory tour from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.