Saturday, October 18, 2008

White women of the Baby Boom a prized voting bloc

wth? You're joking right? That's me. This link is to an Associated Press article about gals my age.
Since I am a spokesmodel for gals my age.....On the eve of the Joe Biden visit....who wrote the VAWA........
I must tell you a bunch of stuff to save you from yourself.
If you wanted Hillary...and who didn't......
HILLARY wants you to vote for OBAMA>
Do I really have to tell you that McCain has not a single solitary thing in common with Hillary....or Obama. DO NOT be fooled by Sarah Palin. Just because she has a vagina, does not mean she is pro-woman.....or pro-child...or the least bit intelligent...She is.....sadly, quite stupid. She does not speak for blue collar women, unless you are a Drool Case....

I'm 54. My whole adult life has been constrained by Republicans that have wrecked the economy for the working class. Those of us who work for a living..the blue collar worker...have been screwed by the monied class. I didn't get my BA until I was 52, and what a fliggn' waste or 25,000. bucks, clams or bones.......
NO ONE would hire me for more than minimum wage....which would not have paid my student loans and allowed me live in anything roomier than a car.
So, I went right back to doing what I was doing before I got college-edjubicated.
This. and That.
I remember the salad days of the Clinton Years.....I was making Bank pulling weeds. (landscape design)
Blue Collar work. I'm OK with that....I like doing. I was a Painting Contractor before that. I know how to do everything a house requires, inside and out, but for changing out an electric box.

Why any woman my age, who has just seen their 401K plummet into the toilet, (I don't have one) or any other savings, or watched their home value dive bomb, (I don't have one).....would vote Republican.....I am stunned. Listen Menopause Sisters........
Don't Be Stupid!!

Don't you remember the good ol days of the Nixon and Carter admins? Don't you remember when money grew on trees?
When life was good? When Life was easy? When you only had to work part-time? When you had time to do art projects with your kids in the middle of the day?

Now, what is your life......Full time job, take care of parents, raise your kids, etc etc.....some of you went to college young. Huzzah.
So you may think that the system works for you.
No. While women's wages have been rising since the days of "Pin Money".....your husbands wages have dumped......Why?
Outsourcing mostly, and the war on Unions
have done a number on women's and men's jobs and wages.
I'll be back to revisit this issue ...this post with facts and links and stuff that will convince you to VOTE OBAMA.......don't be stupid.

Sarah Palin is not a role model for you. Unless you are stupid. She is a tool of old money woman-hating capitalists. She is like a donkey dancer in Tijuana...She performs the anti-family, more stress, shove your kids off to unqualified daycare.....and act sexy crap that dumb men (and not all men are dumb, I am no man-hater)
Want women to do....She is carrying water for The Establishment.
Jeez, don't you remember that our generation was gonna change the world??
Sarah Palin is the the worst aspects of of a throwback culture......
From the article:
"If you're aged right in the middle like me, it's hard to decide," said Deborah Nance, 56, of Wilmington, Del. "Go with the seasoned guy who might get in there and die the next day, or go with the young guy who you really don't know all that much about."

Do you have kids? How old are they? 29? 35? 37? pushing 40? They are pretty smart right? Obama is pushing 50.....don't you remember how much smarter you became between 40 and 50? Like you knew a lot at 40....but my god, the stuff you knew at 50....and it just keeps getting better right?
Well Palin and Obama are nearly the same age..she's a bit younger.....but she has been sliding by on Looks and Sass...
While Obama has had to prove himself.....
Let me illustrate....
You probably have a woman boss, who thinks she invented Smart.
But she's dumb. And what a bitch!
She does things and takes credit for it......Her bosses love her!
She's pretty, huh?
You are a worker bee. Prompt. Hard working. Probably don't look like a model. ..or a Beauty Queen, or a Cheerleader.
Sad to say, pretty women can get by on looks. It's the way the system still works, mostly.
White people can get by on skin color a lot of the time.
Working class women.....and people of color have to work harder to achieve.
But it sure seems like the pretty people get ahead tho they are often dumb as a box of hammers.
Hillary had to work so hard to get where she is today.
Obama had to work harder to get where he is today.
John McCain just showed up. Even if we forget for a moment that he comes from an influential family, a military family, he has an automatic Way In ......
Oh, and he ain't no Maverick.
He is as mainstream as they come. So sure the system seems to work for him....and it does. The system is made to work for the few. The rest of us have to work and try to get by on merit rather than a Golden Ticket.
He loves everything about Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc etc.....
Oh sure he likes to tweak their noses once in awhile.
But 99% of the time he marches in lockstep.
Obama want the pie to grow everyone can have a piece of it.
McCain wants you to get some crumbs of pie, but the pie should be given to the deserving.....and the deserving isn't the working class. It's the monied class.
Face facts. You are working class. Embrace it!
You will not get rich.
You do depend on the common good......streets, hiways, schools, infrastructure, national and city parks......etc etc.....
The common good has all but been destroyed in the last 8 years.
Falling Bridges, crumbling roads, failing schools......
Where has your tax dollars gone to?
The war in Iraq for one thing.....

Like I said, I'll be back to finish this post.......