Monday, June 30, 2008

Do I have to Throw a Temper Tantrum??

EDIT--- GOOD NEWS----click! says It's A Go!!!!!

I have to wait for an I guess whining coupled with perseverance will prevail.....
I wanted to stay with click! since I've been a cable internet customer since almost day 1...since the system went Go !!!! I love my utility company......I was so surprised to have such a big issue's always been such smooth get things done, utility-wise.

3 weeks ago I called Harbornet to move my click! acct. downtown.....inside the World's Most Wired! now says they can only run wires for me through the neighbor's wall.......huh? and he isn't returning their calls.! can not run wires to 712 Broadway but thru the walls of a non-Riley business????
That's the last in the Episode of Will Funkoma ever get cable internet???
Stay tuned!!
I really don't understand what the hangup is.....I can think of several ways to run wires. Methinks no one wants to run any new wires since the Big Remodel is coming to Broadway..........
Do I have to do all the work here? Why do I have to keep calling and calling..... .........Maybe I should blow up city hall in's only 2 blocks away......(kidding-- homeland security...)
Any bloggie-friends got some super secret numbers to call........
Can anyone give me a sane reason why Steve had wires running all over the bldg, and I am having some trouble here????

I am know that...but I'm actually very nice and just want my damn cable internet installed.
Next week, I'm calling Comcastic.........