Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cathrineholm Pretty and a diy

Cathrineholm, a company near Halden in Norway,  started producing ironwork designs and farm equipment beginning in 1907. After the times changed, the company started to make kitchen items and housewares in lovely bright happy colors in vitreous enamel on metal. This pretty oval pattern is called Lotus, and  was designed by Grete Prytz Kittelsen who was known as the Queen of Scandinavian Design, because she was so influential in the Scandinavian design movement of the post-World War II era, from the 40s thru the 60s.

My doggie has a well-used Cathrineholm metal and enamel bowl to eat his little dog food out of....awesome !

Grete was the nifty designer of this oh so loved pattern, and much much more. Very much of the modern art and design that became that Mid Century Modern we love love love, originated in Europe. Grete was born in Oslo, Norway in 1917, and died at age 93 in Oslo in September 2010.
But.....This pattern is still wildly popular!

This Coffee/Tea pot is listed by Lara111

Clicky to see lots of Cathrineholm prettiness listed on Etsy.

I think you should make these!

pic from How About Orange crafty blog.

All you need is brightly colored paper, glue, rubber bands, x-acto knife or tiny scissors, and  little clear votive glass candle holders, or any small glass tumblers big enough to hold a small candle.
This craft idea is from the How About Orange blog, which is always full of sweet amazing crafty goodness. Clicky here and she will show you how she did this.
Practice, practice ! You can print off a picture of the lotus pattern in black ink, or using scrap paper, try drawing the pointy ovals by hand, if you feel confident.
First wrap scrap paper around the glass for sizing it correctly. Trace the Cathrineholm designs on scrap paper. Best to try it with scrap !
Then, lay the scrap paper on the pretty color paper to cut it to the right size, overlapping a bit in the circumference. Then trace the designs after you space them smartly, & cut out with an x-acto knife or tiny scissors.
Wrap it around your votive and glue sparingly with Aleens or Elmers paper glue. Hold it in place with rubber bands until the glue dries.