Monday, August 30, 2010

6 degrees from people...

Back in May, Mark and I took advantage of a lovely sunny day....and went to a few estate sales....I like to go later in the day, since I lack the Shove You Out Of My Way Gene (I'm a late sleeper too...)
I wouldn't have any fun early in the morning when the mean bossy shoving type people line up at 6 am.
As you walk around in an estate sale, you are told lots of things by sellers that may or may not be true about provenance.
But, girl you know it's true....this football jersey belonged to a guy named Dave Welsh. He went to the university of Washington in Seattle, in the early 60s. He was on the football team that went to the Rose Bowl and WON! in 1960 and 1961. Which was/is a Big Damn Deal !
 Dave attended Garfield High School in the Emerald City....and this was his football jersey. On this same Husky team was Norm Dicks, and Ben Davidson.

When the fake Mad Men tv show are living their fake life in the early 60s, I try to picture the real early 60s. Here's a bit of it....mmmmm....early 60s....Seattle....oh yeah this......;-)

Listed in my etsy shop, this is  a 50s football jersey, most likely from Dave's high school days...or maybe it was his practice jersey. #82. Pretty cool!

Some people don't like the idea of estate sales, or anything used for that matter. But it's all recycling, and it's all history, and the family is happy to get rid of the things they don't want..the things that don't have a lot of meaning for them....after a death, it is a great burden to deal with what is left. Families rely on competent estate dealers to price and sell that which is left....It creates a lot of income, and interest, and fun...if you like history. 
There are a lot of reasons people like old stuff and antiques......these things have stories. They are about our lives....I like to see them have more time in life. We're humans, we are social beings....we're born....we live...and then there are things...and memories.