Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stop calling shirts with buttons "Button-down"

About 7 years ago* some moron on ebay started calling all shirts with ....buttons...down...the..front....a BUTTON DOWN SHIRT. No. it's. not.This ill-informed "fashion" editorial on Stylelist "The Classic White Button-Down: 5 Days/5 Ways", does not use a button-down shirt styled (?) 5 ways....they use a shirt that buttons down the front. Big Difference!
(not to mention, but I  will, Leggings as Pants)
(and people who say "think" when they mean "imagine" or "remember")

Since I love the Classics ! mis-naming mistakes made by People With A Job in the Fashion/Styling/Writing industries, that don't know wtf they are talking about...really -----  me.....and if that is an actual button-down, please, tell me that it is. She could be wearing the buttons undone....In any case, the distinction needs to be made.
A century ago, Brooks Brothers popularized  putting a button and buttonhole on the collar corner, and Viola! it's a button-down collar.
yeesh, even Wikipedia can supply you with the correct answer.  "Button-down" is sometimes used incorrectly to describe the front buttoning of a shirt; a "button-down" shirt refers to a shirt with an American "button-down" collar introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896, discussed below.[1]

These are button-down shirts.

 *that was the first time I saw a moron misusing the style term.

I can only blame the herds of Quick Buck artists that decided 10 years ago, to sell crap on ebay, and the sudden influx of vintage clothing sellers that bred like rabbits over there too.....People who don't know the difference between a flat-felled seam and a waffle iron, are buying Forever21 crap, and selling it as "vintage". Beware!