Monday, January 30, 2012

The Undies...

fresh ! vintage lingerie ! Lovely ! 60s Jacques Heim all - in - one ! Vanity Fair ...Vassarette....30s 50s 60s 70s vintage lingerie., lace, chiffon, tricot,crinoline.
Sexy and Utilitarian.

80s ruffle butt sissy cobalt blue panties

60s pale turquoise blue Vassarette slip

Silky black 70s vintage peignoir robe

60s Jacques Heim vintage All In One with lots of stretch and 4 garters

60s vintage Vanity Fair hot orange nylon slip

vintage sexy sheer red 3 piece set....Babydoll bikini bra Ooo La Lavintage

Baby blue crinoline

60s bra..white longline vintage bra

60s low cut demi cup black lace bra

vintage silky panties and babydoll pajama set

Horse laugh 80s tiny bikinis...Are We Having Fun Yet? With tags, and never worn.

60s lacy Green granny panties, Penney's vintage lingerie

Vintage silky rayon black and red Japanese kimono

30s satin nightgown with tags Never Worn!

70s Peach floral Pajama set of silky nylon

Leopard 60s Vintage Vanity Fair Leopard shorty nightgown Lingerie