Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is there crime in Downtown Tacoma?

I'll let you read the BIA blog..... (one would think that with all of us blogging (now) about/in Tacoma, we'd all crash into each other at the corner of 13/pacific!!)
Fact #1
Crime is everywhere.
Fact #2
Corporations commit crimes all the time.
Fact #3
Drug-addled & Mentally challenged people are not just in the street scaring the straights.
Fact #4
Blaming the poor ---- for the problems ---- created by the rich is counter-productive in the long run, but sure creates a stir and is good for more corporate-sponsored "crime solutions".

Really now, if you truly want to reduce crime you have to treat the poor as if they were You......... Just ask ....If I was mentally challenged what would I like in my life to help me live a good life?
and then Do it !
I've listed the tools you need in this post, now you need to make sure the people that you think are causing you problems are helped to solve their problems so that they don't cause you an unending array of problems.
This is called " Being a Good Citizen"
This is a good thing........
of course it was held in my neighborhood and on my birthday....
Coincidence....I think not!