Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Classics are not Boring

Classical music, classic clothes and manners are often deemed... Boring. No they aren't! They are the old reliables in a very fast fast world.
Classics are always the right choice. Everybody likes them. They raise your IQ by several points.

Funkomavintage loves the classics. Music. Tweeds. Denim. Leather boots. Pretty calicos. Sturdy wool sweaters. And classic Disney movies.

Oh sure, the classics need a little tweak from time to time. Perhaps the hem is shorter, or longer, Perhaps the lapel is wider or slimmer. And sometimes, the eye and the brain just need a little expansion.

Classical music was moribund. It was boring. It was pastoral. It was classy! But Russian Igor Stravinsky changed all that on the 29th of May 1913. When he presented the The Rite of Spring at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees, it caused a riot!
Yes, corsetted women in fur and velvet, and mustachioed men in silk and lace and fine woolens stormed the Ballet Russe stage in Paris France. While Stravinsky's score has some familiar elements of melody and chords, and seemed like Russian folk music, it marched and flew and stormed off into avant -garde heights of near-madness and sheer acoustic delight.

Igor Stravinsky with 'Dancers' by Matisse

The chords were wild, the music was not soothing. It was chaos. It was brilliant.
Eventually, it was accepted, and in 1940 Walt Disney chose it to score a segment of a brilliant Disney film, one of funkomavintage's favorites.

Click this link to Cornel1081 to watch and listen to Disney Fantasia, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, The Rite of Spring, and the brilliant (there's that word again) efforts of these talents.

Fantasia-disneyscreencaps com-4524

  • Directed by Bill Roberts and Paul Satterfield
  • Story development/research: William Martin, Leo Thiele, Robert Sterner, and John Fraser McLeish
  • Art direction: McLaren Stewart, Dick Kelsey, and John Hubley
  • Background painting: Ed Starr, Brice Mack, and Edward Levitt
  • Animation supervision: Wolfgang Reitherman and Joshua Meador
  • Animation: Philip Duncan, John McManus, Paul Busch, Art Palmer, Don Tobin, Edwin Aardal, and Paul B. Kossoff
  • Special camera effects: Gail Papineau and Leonard Pickley 
  • (this info bit from the Disney Fantasia Wiki, click here) 

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