Monday, January 26, 2009

Jerry Miller had some bad luck...

Moby Grape in a photo used on their debut album cover. Back (l to r) Peter Lewis and Skip Spence, front (l to r) Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson and Bob Mosley.

Moby Grape ! I was so saddened to hear that my fave California exile Jerry Miller (we also share the same last name...) suffered horrid flood damage in the last round of northwest flooding. He lost memorabilia, guitars, amps and personal effects according to The Volcano....A benefit will be held Friday Feb 6 in Spanaway...I'll be there!
[Uncle Sam's American Bar & Grill, Friday, Feb. 6, 8 p.m., 16003 Pacific Ave., Spanaway, 253.507.7808]

Did I , funkoma vintage, or did I not just blog about him...and haven't I, funkoma, blogged many times about my beloved Jerry? Yes!
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I have no doubt this is also one of the many reasons why I will drop my clothes at almost any moment....Naked If I Want To....
And since The Tressie Nostalgia Train has left the station, at the bottom, I've included one of my other favorite San Francisco bands...Quicksilver Messenger Service...2 vids....Fresh Air and...What About Me...

"No rock and roll group has been able to use a guitar trio as effectively as Moby Grape did on Moby Grape. Spence played a distinctive rhythm guitar that really sticks out throughout the album. Lewis, meanwhile, was a very good guitar player overall and was excellent at finger picking, as is evident in several songs. And then there is Miller. ...The way they crafted their parts and played together on Moby Grape is like nothing else I've ever heard in my life. The guitars are like a collage of sound that makes perfect sense. Miller-Stevenson's "8:05" became a country rock standard...."

Wish I could find this.....
I am so bummed for him, that I won't make any jokes about Moby+water...too late.
Here's some pics I stole off teh internets....

Quicksilver Messenger Service...
Fresh Air...

What About Me...

What About Me
(Released December of 1970)

You poisoned my sweet water.
You cut down my green trees.
The food you fed my children
Was the cause of their disease.

My world is slowly fallin' down
And the airs not good to breathe.
And those of us who care enough,
We have to do something.......

Oh.......oh What you gonna do about me?
Oh.......oh What you gonna do about me?

Your newspapers,
They just put you on.
They never tell you
The whole story.

They just put your
Young ideas down.
I was wonderin' could this be the end
Of your pride and glory?


I work in your factory.
I study in your schools
I fill your penitentiaries.
And your military too!

And I feel the future trembling,
As the word is passed around.
"If you stand up for what you do believe,
Be prepared to be shot down."


And I feel like a stranger
In the land where I was born
And I live like an outlaw.
An' I'm always on the run..........................

An Im always getting busted
And I got to take a stand........
I believe the revolution
Must be mighty close at hand.......................


I smoke marijuana
But I cant get behind your wars.
And most of what I do believe
Is against most of your laws

I'm a fugitive from injustice
But I'm goin' to be free.
Cause your rules and regulations
They dont do the thing for me


And I feel like a stranger
In the land where I was born
And I live just like an outlaw.
An' I'm always on the run.