Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Green ! Spend Some, Sing Some, what I wore...

let's flashback to Fall last year, when we were waiting to see if America was as stupid as box of Ronco Popeil Pocket Fishermans.... (i do own one, they are dumb)
Surprise ! President Obama ....ha ha ha ha ah ahahahahaha is Irish.

You have some Green? Get out and spend it! We all, everyone of us, depends on you getting out and buying stuff. Sorry ....that sound crass. But it's true. (There are other reasons we need you but today is Green!!) And go shopping, was the only smart thing that Geo. W. Bush ever said. Ex-President Bush ! I like the sound of that.

What I wore March 16, 2009. It's easy for me to dress in green.

It's a favorite color, and I have a green everything to wear if I choose. So...I wore my green and caramel striped Dries Van Noten wool sweater.......god I love this thing!!
Chartreuse, olive, caramel, chocolate......favorite colors and favorite foods!
Under that I wore a 60s vintage black cashmere cardigan and way underneath was a black tank top. I wore a pair of pale caramel boys slacks. Yes.

But the best chunk is my hat .......not only is it Green. Velvet. 70s floppy hat. It's Norma Kamali! I am not a label whore tho I just dropped the names of 2 biggies. But like I always say......buy Quality. Buy what you like. I spotted the sweater and had it in my hands only because of the colors...and later I found the Van Noten label. Bonus!
The Kamali hat...I've been looking for an authentic 70s floppy for about 2 years. So again, Bonus! 2 of my favorite designers....because they have a sense of authenticity and are true artists that became fashion designers.....

The Kamali hat came from etsy seller.......JPsuniqueboutique

and I just stole this from Julie at Vintage Goddess.......