Friday, September 12, 2014

American Converse

If you are gonna tie your Converse shoes, then you may need some very vintage Converse shoelaces. Am I right? Converse shoes, made of rubber and cotton, were invented in 1908 and the laces were also cotton. Now, made of nylon or polyester. So yeah. Here's some very vintage Converse shoelaces we have for auction right now. Hey Nike. you need these.

The Converse artwork is very 20s, and is in the same style as the first Coca-Cola logo, which, still survives today, no thanks to smart people in the Coca-Cola corporation, who are dumb people who sell sugar water, and are very good at rotting your teeth. If I was a dentist, I would own a lot of Coca-Cola stock. Job Security!!

Back to Converse shoes, shall we.

 The "All Star", was introduced in 1917  to get the basketball market. In 1921 Chuck Taylor became a famous basketball player when he joined the Converse company basketball team, sweetly named "The Converse All Stars".   He later went to work for Converse, and made important changes to the shoe design. His name started appearing on the Converse shoes, those high tops,  in the the Converse All Star logo in the 1930s. That, kids, is why we call them Chuck Taylors, or simply, Chucks.

But in the beginning the Massachusetts company made their All Stars all black-- the  cotton canvas with the black rubber soles.  Then came a white canvas with blue and red trim, finally, they switched out the cotton canvas for black leather and a black rubber shoe sole. Post-war, in 1949 then Converse decided to added the rubber toe guard,  make the laces and the edges all white, and there we have the Black/White Cons we love.
But wait, There's more!!

In 1957, Converse designed the  "Oxford" style, (my personal favorite). And even better........... Colors!
So yeah, Iconic Americana. Punks, sorority girls, moms, dads and kids all love their Cons! Folks will even paint them custom for you.  Then Nike bought the company, and moved production to some hellhole. That's why American made Converse are worth it.
Here is our funkomavintage vintage, made in USA, Converse selection available right now ---

US made Vintage RED Converse high top 80s sneakers cotton rubber classic shoes 4.5

and the vintage Converse Christmas Holiday version.  Red stripes, Green cotton, holly on the Converse All Star patch, and green rubber soles.
These had a tiny bell hanging at the back....feel free to add it back again!

and back in the day......funkomavintage has provided you with these sweet vintage Converse.

and a few of my faves in my shoe box right now!
 red and black flannel plaid, dark green, off-white, and some Polo tennies, and a pair Tigers for running. and some very adorable skeleton bone, Tuk red tartan plaids.