Tuesday, February 4, 2014

George Clooney's Eyes

One of the best things that happens in my day, is an order from you, my beloved funkomavintage fans. Without you, I'd have to get a job, and I am the world's worst job-holder. I'd be the worst waitress....I'd carry your food to the table in my pockets.  As a secretary, I'd be like April Ludgate....personable, cheery, fun and maddeningly bad at actually being much help to you.... unless by help... you mean, eating B-B-Q potato chips and drinking martinis.....and of course, sourcing vintage and styling clothing, sets and photos....  I actually have found what I'm good at ;-)

....and now....George Clooney.... appearing in The Monuments Men

as a young'en! Do you remember him on The Roseanne Show?

And today........

Why is George Clooney here??? Because, ladies and germs, we sell to the stars! We focus on rather, odd, rather, classic, rather ....vintage vintage vintage, so it would not come as a surprise that we would have a pair of 40s - 50s gold frame Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses.....like this..... in fact, this is the exact pair that we sold.....

this here's the nose pads...... that now rest on George Clooney's nose........

These glasses were bought in March 2013, by John who was on the costume team for The Monuments Men  when they were filming last summer in Germany.
for reals!
We had to FedEx them to the Berlin set....and well.... here they are on George Clooney's face... they appear at :45 in from the beginning.

In this second trailer, George is wearing them at 1:17.

Is George still wearing these glasses?

Probably not.......but maybe!


a word about Ray Ban Aviators.... The Aviator glasses, invented by Bausch and Lomb, at the request of the US military, became the fabled Ray Ban Aviator glasses. This pair does not have the gaudy logo on the lens.....this is the original, that make you look so awesome!
 that's how I described them in my listing....

 pic of Hitler and Goering

The Monuments Men movie and book, is all about the Nazi looting of the art of Europe. 
How did this happen? The looting of Europe's art treasures? Hitler wanted the art, so that the Nazi's could destroy them....to destroy the art, the cultural artifacts.  As the book and the movie makes very clear, destroying a cultures artifacts, its art, its craft , its songs, its traditions...... and you will destroy the culture.
This is old news and new news.

America systematically set out to destroy the Natives. They stole their land, they destroyed them with alcohol, they infected them on purpose with disease, they murdered them in massacres, they stole their children to "re-educate" them in "schools", where thousands died.

When the Bush Administration invaded Iraq in 2003, when he lied to make up a story to get our troops to Iraq, and then Afghanistan, the object was to take control of the oil, to set up military bases, since America is an Empire, and to send a message to the Soviet Union, Russia....
What did the Bush Administration, and the military leaders of the Iraq war do to save the art of Iraq, in Baghdad? The art of the first major civilization outside of Africa, in the history of the world....Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.
The art stolen from the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad, numbered almost 14,000 separate objects that were stolen, so that makes it the biggest museum theft in history!!

Did the Bush Administration and the Pentagon not know about WWII? Had never heard of the Nazi's? Did not know about the special project in WWII, the Monuments Men, and Women?
Hard to believe, eh?
The Bush Administration and the Pentagon DID know and were advised and warned about the theft of art and human artifacts, but did nothing. 

 all pics are from either wikipedia, or IMDB.